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More jonquills, procrastination...

I got out and picked flowers today. It was the first time this year. I'm still only at six pages for my script, but hey, it's not every day that's my first chance to pick flowers for the whole year.

8B graphite pencil on sketchbook paper.

Pastel pencils on Moonstone Canson mi-Tientes, 6" x 9"

Plus I did a whole page of sketches yesterday, while watching a drawing video on artistsnetworktv.com. I'm really using that four day trial heavily, so that is the other great procrastination. If I decide not to subscribe this is my one shot at seeing these videos in full instead of just their 5 minute teasers. The last sketch is a life drawing of Ari that I did today on the last space left on the page.

I think my sketching is improving, which is a good feeling.

Now if only I can pencil zombies playing air guitar and vampires ripping out the throats of their murderers, I'll be doing great. I should be writing. I am determined -- tonight I will at least do the next scene, hopefully more so I can get ahead again knowing there will be sick days.
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