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New Blog, Dinosaur from Life

Hadrosaur Browsing, 3" x 5" Stabilo Point 88 pen and wash on Strathmore Visual Journal 140lb cold press watercolor paper. From life.

Sascha gave me a toy dinosaur a few weeks ago and I treasure it, dinosaurs are something special between us. She draws them very, very well. So I set it up balanced in a more quadrupedal position than it was designed for and sketched it with wash to create today's daily art. I haven't posted all of it, but I have kept it up for eleven days now. Ten to go and the habit will be firmly established again, as comfortable as ever.

The other thing I did today was create a new article for Rob's Art Supply Reviews and then start up a new topical blog, Rob's Art Lessons. Related topics to the Art Supply Reviews blog, this one's about techniques, tips and hints, with occasional step by step tutorials. I like writing that stuff and this blog's my "everything" personal feed. So I started a new one.

Enjoy! I used this little hadrosaur as an example for the first lesson, something really cool that's given me great results in the past few years.

Not bad for a day when I was functioning on practically no sleep!
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