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December 7th, 2017

Back from hiatus

It's been a long time since I posted here. I renewed my membership today and decided to come back, have a look around, remember what I used to do hanging out here.

I moved back from San Francisco in 2015, now I'm in Arkansas again. I've spent a couple of years now on a farm, with lots of critters. Four indoor cats, three outdoor cats. A last Black Marin hen who's being rehomed to another farm where some of her siblings live. A small flock of goats. Four horses. One sheep that was a rescue lamb my granddaughter babied and took care of, now a large and shaggy wether. I had not expected to get involved with farm animals at any point in my life, but they're interesting.

I spent a lot of time offline roaming around the countryside with Kitten. I ride with on her horse shoeing expeditions and sketch sometimes, usually in small travel journals. Often those same animals, occasionally landscape elements. And of course to the very end of his life, I sketched Ari. We lost him at age sixteen late in the summer. He waited till I was away at an SCA event for the weekend and quietly curled up in the back of the kitchen cabinet to sleep. He had a good funeral with a very large stone protecting him from the coyotes, it hasn't been disturbed so I know he's just gone to earth.

He was beautiful and loyal and loving. I still and always will miss him. Like Elric and Jessie Cat before him, Ari was one of my lifetime cats, closest companions ever.

The job was still open, so some time later I adopted Sissy, a full purebred Maine Coon runt. She has all the features of a Maine Coon but is only about the size of an ordinary cat, a reasonably good sized tom. For a Maine Coon she is dainty and tiny, with very large feet and big cheek fluffs and jaw - that latter being a matter of slightly longer chin hair than most cats too, and slightly longer hair on her whisker pads. At first she looked very butch, but in behavior Sissy lives up to her name.

She is a sweet femme. She does this Mae West tail sway thing, it's gorgeous especially in full winter plumage. She also reaches out with one paw, holding it out to be hand kissed or to take your arm or get your attention. She sings. She is the Diva of the household, singing in her high trilling soprano voice. Lovely Sissy, the Fluff Girl, is a long hair color point with tabby points - she looks more like Ari's mother Snow than Ari, and of course she has the tufted dark ears of a Maine Coon so that's wonderful. She's beautiful and unusual and lovely, she has proven herself for cat muse work and sheds many Cat Hairs of Inspiration. She was five when I got her, her previous human lost his housing and couldn't keep her. Which was sad, but lucky for me that I got her.

Other than that, I'm still disabled and not doing much. Had a long fallow period without even much sketching, trying to pull out of that. Did do Nanowrimo this year and last, nothing worth editing but it was good to get back to it. Maybe next year I'll write something worth the work of rewriting.
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