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Two more Five Minute Art ACEOs!

ACEO Golden Irises Five Minute Art was drawn from a photo reference a friend sent me, with color Conte crayons. The stem is really bright yellow-green and the scan came out a bit light, but saturating the color didn't change that or bring back the smudge-shading in some of the green areas. It's brighter in person.

ACEO Sea Otter Five Minute Art is subtitled "Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" because that old song stuck in my head as soon as I saw the reference. I loved this sea otter's supreme happy laziness floating on his back like that, vaguely looking up like he's not sure if it's worth rolling over to swim up and see what that bloke's doing with the camera. He's actually sort of a combination of two of them, and the pose was irresistible.

Both of these still have the 99 cent minimum bid, no reserve sale pricing till I get my 100th unique feedback on eBay! So if you like my art and haven't bought any before, now would be a really good time to snap up a good sketch on a bargain. I'm up to 83 feedback today and will be getting more... got bids on two of them already, and the leopard's up to $4.50!
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May. 14th, 2008 11:39 pm (UTC)
You know, even for someone who's not a talented experienced artist, doing some five-minute sketches would be a good way to improve one's ability to get a quick rough sketch done so that it can be improved upon later. I ought to give that a try. Maybe make it 10 minutes, to give myself a little bit of leeway, since I'm not quite quick enough yet to get anything that resembles an actual object from only sketching for five minutes. :p
May. 15th, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
Go for it. That's part of why I started doing these. I remembered a lot of the things I read about sketching, and at least one of my art books suggested five minute sketches. I thought I could at least get a good gesture sketch in that would be recognizable as what I drew it from.

Little did I know that when I was doing those from a woman who was moving every one minute I was getting my head together to where given a nonmoving reference photo, I would get that down, the basic lines where the shadows are, in one minute, and be able to spend the rest of the time scribbling, shading and doing something in the background.

Try for ten at the start, but don't be surprised if you finish faster from trying to get it down fast and not hesitating. That's why I wound up doing something so elaborate as the color one today. I even had time to squish a kneaded eraser on the upper left corner to lighten it when it had gotten too dark before I put my initials back in (you couldn't see them on the first try).
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