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Four ACEOs so far! And it's a Thursday!

I'll be doing even more art tonight, maybe finish Robert's Marbles when Lisa comes over. But I got up this morning with far less pain than usual, so I got on a roll. First, Sascha came into my room and wanted to paint, so I set her up with her Morocolor opaque watercolors and her watercolor pad, sketching a few dinosaurs, crocodile and butterfly for her to color when she wanted them. Then I settled in with my Sakura Koi set and some blank ACEO cards:

ACEO Bamboo Five Minute Art was the first one, done in only about two minutes because it reached a point where one more stroke would ruin it. I love this one. If it doesn't sell, it's moving to the front of my album as a keeper.

ACEO Birds Pine Mountain started out with just the two shaded big strokes for the blue-gray background mountain and the near brown hill to put the tree on. I sat there and watched paint dry, realizing it would NOT be a Five Minute Art special. So I started another one:

ACEO Pine was from the same photo reference, but I zeroed in on part of the trunk and then changed some branches. My photo reference for these was a photo by Ebayer gooddealhunting posted in "Photo References You Can Use" thread in the ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals Ebay Group. When I finished this one, I went back and finished the other one which was by then dry. It was a load of fun. At that point it was lunch time, so we put the paints away.

I went to eBay and posted around into my Groups listing all of these and then went back to the ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals Group, where I noticed another post in the "Photo References You Can Use" thread. The reference for this was posted along with several other animals and several insect close-ups by eBayer papermatthew, who is also doing a 99 cent sketches feedback sale, since his feedback is at 75. Pretty close to my tenure, Matt does paper sculpture cats, and I bid on one of his cat sketches. I like another one even more than the one I bid on, so I'm wrestling myself over grabbing both when I know he needs feedback and should get different buyers. Feh. I'll get one of his paper sculpture cats one of these days, or go bid on the other cat if I get outbid on this one. He needs the feedback.

Anyway "Cuban Tree Frog On A Mailbox" inspired me, and I added the fly with a minute to go since my frog looked hungry:

ACEO Cuban Tree Frog 5 Minute Art is another Five Minute Art feedback sale special, minimum bid 99 cents with no reserve, till I get to my goal of 100 unique feedback. This special sale will only happen once, these prices will only apply on the very first listing for any of these ACEOs, and with the way they're selling, I may be looking at a sellout! Three of the 99 cent ACEOs have bids already, the leopard's up to $4.25, the otter's at $3.75 and the egret's still at minimum bid. I think I'll make my feedback goal in record time.

If you make requests, I'll consider them -- if they're easy enough (helps if I have a reference) I'll do them as Five Minute Art sketches. Right now I've got ten items listed, did and posted four new ones just since I got up today, and tonight Lisa comes over!

I will post art again when I have more art, at least late tonight depending on what I do on our Thursday Night Jam tonight. I might well try to finish Robert's Marbles now, since it would rock to end this beautiful day with its far less than average pain on finishing a major project! Then I could actually hang it!
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