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Daily Art

ACEO Iridescent Clearie is another experiment, this time on black Rising Stonehenge paper. I used my Derwent Coloursoft set for it because I wanted its opaqueness on the black paper, and drew this from life. I set an iridescent clear marble with some interesting tiny inclusions that look like bumps and might be micro-bubbles because they do not actually stick out in the middle of my laptop's touchpad and drew it, with light from three sources -- the window, the chandelier (probably what is refracted and focused into that bright sopt in the middle of the shadow) and my Daylight lamp off to my right making the bluer highlight.

This took more work than it looks like. I covered the entire background with four layers of dark blue, dark red, dark green and darkest brown to create that mixed black that's just one shade lighter than the deepest black of the shadows, and then went into the shadows with true black. I did a white value drawing on the black paper and went over it with colors repeatedly, alternating white and color till I got the hues and values I wanted. I used half the colors in the box. I burnished it with a Prismacolor Colorless Blender because both the Derwent Burnisher and Derwent Blender lightened the black too much, so I wiped off those tests and went in again with Prismacolor's colorless blender, which is a bit more transparent. If that hadn't worked I'd have got out the Lyra Splender Blender to try an oil based one.

I didn't use the complementary darks underpainting technique from Arlene Steinberg's book, Masterful Color, because working on black, the underpainting needs to be a white value drawing. But I may branch from this experiment to another where I use complementary light colors and then go over them with transparent colors on black. It should be interesting. I have plenty of black ACEO blanks to fool with, all good 100% rag Rising Stonehenge paper.

And I succeeded in capturing that weird dark-dark shadow with the highlights to the side and in the center of it, and made it come out all shining and clear and realistic. I'm happy with this one. I'll be trying different marbles on different surfaces in different brands of colored pencils now and then till I've really figured out what each of them does best.
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