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Rose WIP

It's been days since I posted any art or posted anything. I've been offline all through Memorial Day Weekend just relaxing with kkitten42 and the rest of my family, it was all family time. I was only sick about two out of the five days I've been out of it, and started poking my nose into the eBay groups again a little but didn't do any new art. I did list a new print though! Remember this one?

ACEO Island Tree Limited Edition Print is up at auction now, the edition is 18 because that's how many I ran on the good photo paper that came with my good new printer, the Canon Pixma MP610. It's gorgeous. I love how this printer worked out. Wendy, wendyswhimseys on eBay, requested and bought the first print of the series so when I got her email, I went ahead and tried it. Lo, it came out well and I've sent off No. 1 of 18 -- the other seventeen will be sold more or less at auction starting at $6.99 each like my other prints. I also ordered another pack of photopaper for the printer once she paid, so that dovetailed nicely.

Rose WIP is another of those complementary underpainting colored pencil nightmares that I started this morning at around seven. I posted progress because after three hours I've got the basic drawing shaded in with the dark complements, and if you haven't guessed, this is a very dark red rose! I've got dewdrops on it at request of several dA friends and had fun placing them here and there, might have put a few too many but y'know, when I do spritz a flower with water they are all over the place. Looking at it, it needed one more to really show the direction the water came from. Yay good. This is working.

Now to take however long it takes to actually go over it with all the shades of red in my Prismacolors set. The background that is currently Indigo Blue is going to be black, I'll just layer all the dark colors there are till I get a good mixed black.

Arlene Steinberg, I have to thank you again for Masterful Color. I know this is going to come out a thousand times richer for what you've shown me in that book. Hehehe, should be trippy at its stages, when they get evenly mixed it may look like a green rose!
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