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May. 29th, 2008

There's the first stage of my Rose WIP again for reference. After I posted it, I realized a couple more dewdrops were needed over to the right, which is clearly where the sprinkler is from how they fall, so I put those on. It was clear to me. I remembered what I did with the marbles and that I also did medium tone complementary underpainting on it -- so out with the Prismacolors again to wash some Magenta onto the leaves, Black Grape as the next dark layer on the way to black background, and Apple Green for the middle tone on the petals since the final color will be a very purplish red, closer to the magenta than to scarlet even where it's bright. I could paint this rose in Alizarin Crimson if I did it in watercolor.

I might, it's a beautiful rose.

This is how it looks now, like a crazy St. Patrick's Day rose where you've put a white one into a glass of food coloring, and the red leaves look weirdly natural. I'm too used to reddish leaves on some plants. But the values are closer to what they'll become in the final version. I need to go tick some white with a Verithin into those reserved white dewdrop highlights, or maybe just carefully work around them. It'd work better if I did that though, used some white in them before proceeding.

Next stage will be trippy too when I start using local color over all these complements. I think it'll be a good one.

This is the first rose of 2008 from the beautiful red rose bush in front of our house. We used to have two, but one got chewed up by the puppy or something and didn't come up again. We may wind up doing a cutting from the surviving rose and plant it there again, I'd love to see that. Much with the cool things in this house.

And soon it'll be Summer Fun Run and Novel Next, whatever I write...
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