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Daily Doodle

ACEO Ermine on the Pond is another 99 cent Daily Doodle. I'm not charging high for these because they don't take long and I'm not even always using artist materials, other than the paper. This one, I loosened up and drew with a ballpoint. The ermine is down in the lower left corner, contemplating a hole in the bank on the lower right with some tiny footprints leading into or out of it. I had fun with this. I may do some more ballpoint ones as this month rolls on.

This morning on the book, I wound up looking at my villain and wrote up some important background things -- including whether he's Organized or Disorganized (he's disorganized) and what sets off his compulsion. He has one. It rocks. It works for the book. My horror novel is taking off and really working now.

I'm also wondering whether I need the supernatural element even with such a great villain, or whether I could just write in people who think they're vampires, werewolves, gold dragons or whatever. The group of weirdos introduced in the scenes already written do not need to be supernatural to be colorful and dangerous, but the serial killer's definitely real.

I'll decide on that soon, but maybe a serial killer is enough of a horror in himself not to need the comedic series of bumbling supernaturals. Just a random group of Quarter rats that are his new girlfriend's friends, and her with some idea that she can write a novel by sleeping with the writer.
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