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If you made up your own cereal, what would it consist of, and what would you call it?

I would probably go down to the Merc and get some rolled oats with honey on them, and a lot of nuts and candied fruit, get in the dates and raisins and pineapple and mangoes and anything sweet or oily-rich nutty like crushed brazil nuts and walnut halves and hazelnuts, basically about 50-50 between the cereal and the granola-treats. I would then call it MINE and snarl, hiss and spit if anyone tried to take the bag away from me. lol

Actually I might do this sometime. The Merc is a local organic food store that has all the ingredients for granola to your taste sold separately by weight, you get them in little paper bags or bring your own bag. Which means I would finally have granola with enough nuts and fruit in it to suit my completely juvenile taste. Actually having read the Earth's Children series recently, I might even crush some beef jerky and put that in too, so it's got meat protein as well as sweets and grain, turn it into Pleistocene Trail Food.

Heh, now that'd be a trippy thing to market at the grocery, little sealed bags of Pleistocene Trail Food?

We don't actually eat breakfast cereal here though. Not since kkitten42 read The Tightwad Gazette and we looked at the prices -- versus the cost of her making homemade muffins with zucchini snuck in for nutrition, or breakfast cake, or pancakes. Generally if I eat breakfast at all it's because something good is baking or frying in the kitchen. I've been without breakfast cereal for two years and don't miss it.

Seriously, would you eat breakfast cereal if your son in law had made you fried eggs and bacon? Or a big cheese-rich omelet with lots of vegetables in it? Or fresh pancakes or muffins? We eat good here but most of it is not packaged convenience food.

Even before that, I didn't usually eat it with milk in a bowl at breakfast time. More treated it like candy and had the box next to my writing area to munch on dry -- which takes its being super sickening kid-sweet tooth destroying type. But those are expensive compared to getting real candy. I might do the granola thing sometime when I have pocket change in actual cash and feel up to going out -- it's a big if though, since there are so many other things I'd rather do if I feel up to going out to a grocery store!
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