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Daily Doodle

ACEO Doodle Puddles and Rocks is a fun little landscape I came up with from imagination today, just fooling around with a ballpoint on an ACEO blank. June is Doodle Month, so I'll be posting a Daily Doodle every day again and being able to do them that off-the-cuff is making that a lot more likely!

Also, my new Prismacolors have arrived in Champaign, IL this morning and left Champaign around nine this morning, on their way to Kansas where there's a big distribution center. One that is coincidentally not that far from our house. Ever since I moved here, my Blick packages have been arriving at a fast clip -- it'll all be here tomorrow! Probably even tomorrow morning before I get up!

And then I will do some spectacular colored pencil realism with Prismacolors again, because having the biggest set that I've ever owned is too much of an irresistible joy not to immediately plunge into something cool with it.

Or spend several days sharpening pencils and do something bold in Inktense instead, seeing as Prismacolors arrive unsharpened.

Little things make me so happy.

This morning Sascha and I sat together watching three National Geographic DVDs, a reprise of Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas, the Last Stand of the Great Bear (northwest coastal rain forest, complete with bear-eating wolves!) and Whale Crisis, which was very cool and covered an amazing variety of whales including a pod of pilot whales getting rescued by hundreds of volunteers from being stranded. These are great videos. She's now going into her thing of wanting to see the same one over and over again though, so soon we'll get to where I'm starting to get a little glassy-eyed on them. lol

It was a fun morning and I was kind to her and let her go to her nap a little late today.

Also much to my relief, the weather's shifted to something a bit easier on my joints and my back isn't trying to make my brain go blotto. I can actually type and may get in some verbiage on my book. Yesterday was a total wash, I didn't get in any writing or any art beyond the Barbarian Fence Picket bookmark.

I still owe a couple of Fairy Tales swap cards, so I'll need to come up with something cool for those... and then tackle the real showoff piece, my entry for the 52 Card Deck Project. We're doing a deck of cards each of which will have a different ACEO artwork on it -- suits and numbers are on the border, the middle of the card being the art, whatever the subject. By popular vote on the thread about the project, everyone wants me to draw the marbles again for my art in the deck! So maybe I'll do marbles too... but I half want to wait till tomorrow to start that one since I'll have more Prismacolors to do it with.
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