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Third for Thursday...

ACEO Hamster with Acorn, Five Minute Art happened spontaneously while posting in the Five Minute Art thread. Last month's feedback sale turned into this month's challenge, and I'm holding a contest in ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals Group encouraging other artists there to try doing ACEOs in any medium in five minutes on a timer. Some great art is emerging in that thread!

I'll be judging it on the fifteenth and sending out packets of ACEO blanks in various fancy art papers including a piece each of 300lb Arches Hot Press watercolor paper, something like my Stonehenge Samplers but more varied. Jump on in if you're interested in becoming an eBay artist. Draw something really fast in five minutes or less, post it in the thread, maybe post it as a listing for sale too. Most of them are starting at 99 cent minimum bid which is not bad for five minutes of work -- even if you're all nerves during those five minutes. It's fun. They sometimes feel like five hours if I get too intense about it. Here's a link to the eBay Group ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals which has open membership, but you do need an eBay account to join. The more the merrier!

Lisa must still be off at her summer event, I hope she gets back soon. I miss our Thursdays together -- but I arted this evening anyway.

I'm stuck on the book and ruminating but may explode into monstrous amounts of prose soon, since that often happens.

And tomorrow my Prismacolors arrive...
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