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It's here!

The biggest set of Prismacolors that I've ever owned is sitting on my table.

They aren't sharpened and they are laid out in the traditional Prismacolor jumble. Unlike all other brands, Prismacolor does not presharpen the colored pencils or arrange them chromatically. The tin is interesting. They did something to deal with the problem of pencils jumping out of their trays. All of the trays snap together and the top one has a clear lid so that you can see the newest 12 New Colors -- I suspect that's the same arrangement as the 120 color tin with a new layer added for 12 Newest Colors. Very clever. It does have two Art Stix and a sharpener included.

I'm debating whether to keep the new set in the tin or swap it out with my vintage set. The tin isn't that huge, it's deep, a bit over two inches deep, and it's convenient having that new little sharpener with its very sharp blade right on the top with the handy blue and green Art Stix. They sure picked the right colors for extras too, a strong blue for skies and water and a bright dark green for foliage. The colors that get used up in great quantity in landscapes are the ones I'd have wanted in the Art Stix.

My 72 Inktense are gorgeous too. There are so many greens! The whole bottom tray is greens, browns and grays. This is wonderful for landscapes, and I love doing landscapes.

This order might have an unintended freebie though, since my full sheet of 300lb Hot Press Arches watercolor paper got crunched into a box a little too narrow for it and buckled, which is creasing it badly on one side and rolled up about an inch on the other side. I sent Blick an email about it, asking for a replacement. They'd either credit me or replace it, and I would much prefer the replacement. Granted, I'm mostly going to cut it up into ACEO blanks and small pieces and could cut around the damaged parts, but still, it would've been nice if the whole sheet was usable.

They're good about things like that though, and sent two whole sheets of velour board when the packers put in the wrong color.

The paper seems to have a smooth texture only on one side, which seems a little odd to me but there it is.

I also got my metallic gouache tubes, which are good sized and will be a lot of fun when I start doing gouache paintings for ACEOs. Metallic paint effects and glitter are popular in the ACEO community and I'll have fun with them, also the white is a more opaque white if I wind up using it in multimedia pieces.

I think I'm going to be sharpening pencils for a long time this afternoon... lol
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Jun. 6th, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
ooo drool! lol
Jun. 6th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
It's an incredible feeling. I'm one by one sharpening them and moving them into my leather case, while moving the vintage set with its discontinued colors into the inconvenient tin -- using the tin means spreading out all over a large table I don't have. But it's a well designed tin. The trays locking together have protected them well, I've only lost two points to internal breakage so far.

I might go ahead and do a color chart when I'm done, simply because the printed one is way off on some of these colors.

Also, you can still get big sets on eBay if you're willing to try the auctions and set a maximum bid when fighting for them. The buy-it-now prices aren't as good as Blick but I saw a 120 color set go for $48 that I was bidding on and dropped out of.
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