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Daily Doodle

ACEO Red Dragon Doodle is actually my second try at a dragon on red Canson Mi-Tientes. My first one was a somewhat contorted Chinese dragon. I didn't really like it much, but Sascha fell in love with it, so I gave it to her and then as she asked, drew a baby dragon next to it. She promptly colored the baby dragon blue with Crayolas, which was very cute, and is carrying it around with her in the living room. Some things really shouldn't be sold on eBay when someone you love likes them too.

Yes, it is carrying a golden egg.

It also got its nails done along with its spines to match its golden eyes, and is suitably florid. I really like how the Maimeri light gold gouache looks on red or dark colors, it covers well and is bright even in a scan!

I may start something splendid with my new Prismacolors but won't be finishing it tonight if I do, considering that it's six thirty already. So here's today's actual finished Daily Doodle and if I get a stage done on something else, I'll post it.

Or just sit here and drool and pet the pencils. That's always fun too. New colors. Oo new colors. Colors that I never had before. In Prismacolors. I should do a new color chart...
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