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Art today, catching up...

Marbles Photo Reference is one of many photo references I took to do the Marbles ACEO for the 52 Card Deck Project which has a deadline of June 15th. It takes a while to do these realistic Prismacolor paintings, so I got started today with reference photos and a line sketch that's probably too faint to scan. Aside from which, I don't have the marbles glued to the butcher tray on top of the scanner, and they would roll around if I picked it up to scan the sketch.

Suffice it that the sketch looks like the sketches in Masterful Color by Arlene Steinberg. I used a compass to get the marbles perfectly round, but did freehand shadows and then carefully outlined all the highlights and light and dark areas except where it's just a pure gradient, as it is in some of the clear marbles. I'm about to start poking it with a white Verithin, to get all the little white and light highlights reserved by indenting -- there are actually three light sources, but one set of shadows was overshadowed by my shadow and might not show. The shadows are interesting and not exactly like the photo reference in the book. The marbles are different too.

So if you want to try drawing marbles, there it is to use! I posted this on the "Photo References You Can Use" thread in ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals eBay Group (you have to join eBay to join the group, but this is not a big deal and you can still find cheap Prismacolors there if you want to try for them at auction).

I consider today's Daily Doodle to be the one I posted last night at 2am, but I'll repost it anyway in case you missed it:

132 Color Doodle is not actually for sale. I put it in a top loader and soft sleeve and I think I'll keep it in my Prismacolor set, for when I need to see more or less how each color looks -- it's in the same order the pencils are in the case, so it shouldn't be too hard to find the sliver that matches.

Once I get the drawing well established or done, I will scan it either in stages or as finished. I hope to get this thing done by deadline! If not, the Red Rose will go in as my entry.
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