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Seven is the art for my contribution to the "52 Card Deck Project" in eBay Group ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals. 52 different artists are contributing ACEO artworks that will be slightly reduced to fit in the center of a standard playing card, leaving a border with the number and pips so you can actually play cards with these art cards. The deck is enormously popular. Rick got so many orders for them that the price per deck dropped to $4.10 with $3 shipping, an additional 50 cents per additional deck on the shipping. I ordered six of them. Two are so that I can play cards. One is to stash as part of my collection since I know and love most of the artists who signed up.

There's been talk of starting up a second deck to let artists who didn't participate in the first one do a card too, and I hope we do that.

Also, some cards will get mailed out to each of the artists, copies of their card, to be signed. They get mailed back to Rick. Rick packages those up and auctions them for the group to fund future art contest prizes, as noble a goal as I've ever seen.

Most of my friends in the group really wanted to see a reprise of what I did on the big Robert's Marbles, and so tonight I've done it. These were drawn from life. I set them up on my white butcher tray palette sitting on top of my scanner and did all the complementary layer and most of the next layer with them in place, then switched to my reference photo afterward because a thump in the house shook the tray and they rolled.

Once again, holding it in my hand, they look so three dimensional that they're likely to roll off the card and bounce. I'm happy with it. Used all the steps including doing four layers of color on the "white" background and burnishing with white.

Arlene Steinberg's book, Masterful Color, has gotten me going again with Prismacolors like I just discovered them, and I love doing crazy stunts like this. kkitten42's comment was "You're insane." lol
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