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Manga today!

Vampire Princess Dana is an ATC swap card for the Junior Swap on my eBay Group, ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals. I got matched up with Dana, a 14 year old girl who likes manga-anime, the colors red and black, and fantasy or horror films. So naturally I created a vampire princess she can use for an avatar if she hangs out online as much the other 14 year olds I know.

It was interesting, because I went back to Manga Mania and studied the sections on faces, on girls, on elves, on fantasy in general, and then wound up creating something a lot better than my last manga attempts. This one actually worked well enough that I could consider doing a webcomic in this style, and her character evolved as I was sketching her.

I was't sure at first about the stark blue shadows, but once I finished, I liked them. They do give her a very three-dimensional look and really bring out the paleness of her white-marble skin tone. Even the white shoulder decoration on her gown is warmer than the vampire's skin, that is pretty neat. I used Prismacolor pens and Pitt Artist Pens, with the thicker Prismacolor pen rather than the super fine one because I wanted strong definition on the lines. This is done on 300lb Arches watercolor paper too, a permanent keepsake.

I've now got a serious ACEO piece to do for the June Challenge at another eBay Group, Abstract Art, Traditional Art & Collectors. My friend Shari invited me to be a moderator there, and then cooked up a great challenge -- she posted seven gorgeous photo references in a Photo Reference Album, and I need to use one of them and post it on the 20th to possibly win a JPG award. Happily no price restraints on this, so if I take a long time with it and do it in that Masterful Color technique, I can go nuts and still post it at a price reasonable for the work.

Theme week was a sellout, at the last minute someone bid on my Rainbow Cephalopod, so all four TW Undersea ACEOs have bids! Yay, I am happy about that. I don't mind doing new ones for the swaps, not on that theme!

I may try some more anime and manga characters sometime, I'm finally getting it.
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