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More marbles... Thursday Night Art!

ACEO Clear and Catseye Marbles is a study in white and clear. I picked out the one that's been frustrating me because it comes out looking opaque when I do it normally, it's clear and a bluish green but very faintly tinted, and set that next to a white catseye marble while a huge storm was raging. The outside light was practically nonexistent and then the sun went down anyway.

Lisa came over again tonight! She's been away, she spent fourteen days at a festival and then got tied up in things for her new job, so it's been weeks since we had our Thursday Art Night. I'm so glad she's back. We had a good time tonight. I also did a fruit still life cornucopia by imagination, but gave it to her without scanning because I hadn't finished the marbles by the time she left. No way was I moving the tray off the scanner, I'd never get them into exactly that position and angle again. The other thing I did was the line sketch for another Prismacolor painting, this one a still life with a small creamer jug and some cherries. Someone else already did a good oil painting from that photo reference, so I don't know how much of a showstopper it'll be, but I still want to do it. I might not sell that one, it's going to be a lot of work and it really grabs me. But if I don't, I'll do prints of it because I know it'll come out well.

So tonight was a return to our usual Thursday night creativity, and at last I managed to get that dratted clear greenish marble to look clear and greenish! It reflected some colored light into the white catseye though, there was a distinct patch of its color coming off the underside of one of the opaque bits inside the catseye. I like how it came out.

And I also got some more done on Three Dead Punks and a Telepath. I'm well into the third section, the origin of Richie the zombie. He's not happy at the moment. Few would be. But I think his personality is shaping up too, and this is all to the good since he was one of the sketchier characters.
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