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Writer's Block: Gender Bender

Do you ever want to be of the opposite sex? If so, what attracts you to the idea? If not, what repels you?

No. I'm so masculine that I don't even understand women, and the things women put up with and expect and enjoy are scary. I wound up rating a 10 on a one-to-ten femininity-masculinity scale that was designed not to be cultural. Which makes me that oddity: an extremely masculine man who isn't the least conservative. I have many gay, lesbian and bi friends, including many androgynes and transgendered people, and I understand from watching the world that gender is a continuum. But where I am on that scale is way, way so far over on the "male" end that I oughta be Fred Flintstone.

It's kind of cool to be that and still be bi and still be about as far from conservative as a man can get. This puts me in the position of redefining some cultural standards of masculinity, in pagan terms and in terms of modern liberation ethics. I don't call myself a feminist man though, because some elements of feminism disturb me and seem like inequality in themselves, but more female dominated. I don't think either gender should get legal and social dominance. Let's be equals and real and let's not enforce gender roles on anyone. And let's include all the cool variations in the available gender roles too, like asexual and androgyne and straight butches and femmes and so on. Why can't the human world be that colorful and rich and varied? Why should people all fit a narrow stereotype?
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