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CAAT and Daily Doodle

Complimentary Art And Things, it's an arts and crafts group that roams between Etsy.com and eBay, and I joined a while ago. We have a social network on ning, and I just found the link to this cool little badge so I'm happily posting it here. The move into a new space on the host where it's easier to find CAAT group was a little crazy for about 24 hours but people are coming in every minute and most of them are folks I know from eBay or Etsy.

View my page on CaaT Complementary Art and Things

So there's my member badge, I thought I'd come post it here at LJ and let artists and crafters among my friends know about this excellent group. Or here, why not post the big one too with all these icons? You can see who else is there.

Visit CaaT Complementary Art and Things

Wide variety of cool stuff. nicosian, you might be interested, your chainmaille designs might get a lot of notice! It's a mix of artists, crafters, jewelers, basically people who make creative things and sell them online.

I'm also definite about starting up my new site next month. This is going to seriously rock.

Here is my daily doodle for today -- ACEO Red Doodle is posted at auction for my usual 99 cent Doodle price, another little bargain, bright and colorful and spontaneous. Another abstract, go fig. Maybe the ACEO YBAC got under my skin with that first Call to Art!
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