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Another HubPages article!

Yep, here's a new Hub: Review: Masterful Color by Arlene Steinberg. I reviewed Masterful Color. Not just a happy rave about what it did for me, but a good thorough review including my observation that her techniques do work best using her materials -- Prismacolors Premier or Lightfast, and Rising Stonehenge.

As I test other colored pencils sets with the technique I can add little side text boxes with the results of those trials, or put all the trials results into one tinted sidebar. It's relevant information, but I haven't researched it yet. I can add more pictures too, so I can add images of the ones I create using Caran d'Ache Pablo or Polychromos or Lyra to see how those work. My guess is that Lyra Rembrandt is the other brand most likely to come out with stunning results when doing dozens of layers, though Pablos may do well with it too.

I also need to try it using just Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils for the simple reason that someone reading my guide to buying colored pencils brands on eBay decided the best starter set was 36 Prismacolor Watercolor. It made sense to me -- those do have a texture just like Prismacolor Premier or Premier Lightfast, but I need to test them used dry with this technique just the same to prove the point, to see if I really can do something like that just in that range and just with the watercolor pencils.

I love and adore the technique.

The best silver metal object I ever painted in colored pencils or any medium is sitting down there in the previous entry to this one and I used Arlene Steinberg's techniques with it on white Rising Stonehenge paper. But I need to test it on Arches Paper too, and on Arches Paper that has been soaked and let to dry so that the sizing is washed off.

So many product tests. So much fun doing them as ACEOs too.

I'm feeling all accomplished because in one long creative day I have done two excellent artworks plus written and formatted an article. This rocks. I should go wordcount the review so that I can add it to my Summer Fun Run total -- since writing Hubs is now a part of this summer's main project.

It's launching enough online cool things that I can be self supporting again and novel sales do not knock me off Social Security or vanish into it without being any material improvement in my income. Just one pro novel sale could -- and I would bitterly resent that if I wound up losing my check because of it but had no cushion or no backup plan or anything I could do if I didn't just live on the same money as the Social Security till the check ran out. I think I'm economically safer building online businesses till I'm full time Self Employed again.

I think that I have been through enough trouble in the past decade to deeply fear losing Social Security without something steady to land on, and that this has more to do with my procrastination on major submissions than anything else right now. But it shouldn't really stop me from magazine subscriptions, so maybe I'll try to do some short material and aim it at magazines while I'm doing all this online stuff, while puttering and preparing good novels and do the agent search.

If I concentrate on the agent search, then I have got one fallback itself. If I get the agent and explain my entire situation -- yes all these titles, triaged for how much work to edit and prep them for proper submission by how much work they are -- plus "I need to earn enough to live on reasonably well like a working person does, this is the income I've got," would be enough to get the agent doing the thing I don't have the knowhow for -- sorting the stockpile and finding markets for what there is. Plus finding markets for some of the nonfiction, the one I want does handle some nonfiction books too.

I entered the big Prismacolor contest with an eye to becoming a North Light author. I may want to join the CPSA once I'm past my next big goals -- and my biggest after getting my Master Sets now is to build up savings for a computer replacement/repair fund, so that I don't wind up offlined if I have a problem like this CDRW crash. Oh in some ways I'm not offlined, I could at least check my eBay listings on one of the upstairs computers daily so that I'm not leaving buyers unresponded to for a week while offline if they bid on something. It's that or cancel all my listings before handing off the computer so that there is nothing that needs checking and post Leave of Absence on all my groups so none of my friends think I'm dead and no one leaves me urgent messages expecting a reply.

It's 3:00 am and I'm awake, but may wind down in an hour or so. I've had an incredibly good day with three accomplishments, not just one, so I think I'm going to relax now and feel good about it. And get up when I get up, the days are so long that if I sleep late I don't miss the daylight and still have some bright hours for art or reading or whatever.
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