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Writer's Block: To me, LiveJournal is...

What does LiveJournal mean to you? Has that changed since you started your LiveJournal account?

Yes and no. I wander in and out of the LJ community, and I joined years and years ago. But what it means to me is essentially a place I can meet cool people and keep in touch with my friends, converse about those weird subjects that come up at four in the morning sometimes, and post my progress on things I'm doing. I think over the years though, that while I still come here to do that, my content has changed.

Before I moved here to Lawrence, the content of my entries was more often ideas and long term plans. Hopes that I hung onto despite crises and unlivable extremes of hard times and bad situations. I was not often posting day to day things so much as my ideas and plans. Two years ago when I moved here I was about half dead, as happened in more than one move. But I recovered, and kept recovering, and things never did turn bad. A lot of the dreams and hopes we had at the start are either real or are near-future plans instead of long term plans. Things that were just cool ideas for Someday are things here right now or planned tangibly for next year or next month.

I'm happy. It's a vast difference, the biggest difference. I'm happy, my life is good, there are a lot of good things to post about and cute stories about my granddaughter and grandson and puppy Zoe and Ari Cat and kkitten42 and her husband the anthropologist come into it more often. There were always Cute Ari Stories, there are more cool things now on that order. Things that used to be wishes are just plain tangible plans or have been done and are showing results.

So it's the same topic but the life I'm writing about is so categorically different I might as well be on another planet. I'm in the Good World, not just trying to make it real by moving toward it and believing it will one day be possible.

I'm changing my avatar for a new cool artwork, it's time again because I did another one I like that much.

I didn't draw or write articles today, I rested. Yesterday was three major accomplishments and today I mostly did my mail and hung out on forums and relaxed, which is okay. I could use a rest after a day that intense! And I am happier still about how that Silver and Cherries one wound up, it is growing on me the longer I look at it sitting on the easel -- I don't keep it hidden in the album, it's out where I can enjoy it. If it doesn't sell this time, then it doesn't get relisted and I'll do a different one to sell, this one is way too cool to keep trying to chase it out of my house.

I did something cool in editing it. When I selected the main points to create a square version and crop out some of the background elements above and below the silver creamer and cherries, the only way to get the full width was to cut the signature monogram in half. I wound up covering the partial monogram with about five or six layers of scribbled and airbrushed selected dark colors from the rest of the background in Gimp, then after I textured and blended that to look like I'd never had one there... I selected and copied the monogram and pasted it into its present position closer to the creamer. Voila, it worked, and looks like that's where I put the monogram in the art. I'm very proud of that careful photomanipulation even if it was just to create a digital variation of a square artwork from an oblong one. When this one gets reduced, the metallic effect is still powerful. I loved how the thumbnail on the listing looked, and that's what made me think it'd be a good avatar!
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