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Writer's Block: Passionate Eats

What foods do you associate with romance or attraction?

That's easy. I don't associate food with romance or attraction. It could be anything that tastes good that I happen to be sharing with someone I'm attracted to. My ideas of romance are tied up in other activities than meals, like long intellectual conversations or shared fiction or roleplaying games or shared craft or art activities. It's not really about eating for me. In a lot of ways food isn't as social to me as it is for a lot of people, partly because I've got food allergies and sensitivities that interfere and make it hard to eat with other people, combined with the logistic problem of most "romantic" restaurants involving chairs I can't sit in and formality that leaves me feeling anything but romantic. More like in a panic that I'm going to get flamed over what I like to eat or can't eat or how I sit when I can't sit like a normal person. My experience of "romantic dinners" is very limited and they were mostly at home with a lover... and even then it wasn't the food that was memorable compared to what happened later.

Valentine chocolates don't mean romance to me, they mean rejection and social rejection dating way back before romance was even an issue. Or they mean a treat childishly gained at a bargain by grabbing the big cheap marked-down boxes the day after the anxiety-raddled holiday. Cheap Chocolates Day is what I celebrate.
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