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One more swap card done...

Reef Gold is going out to one of my nine swap partners in the Under the Sea swap from ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals group on eBay. I've now done eight of nine swap cards! It seems like a shock to realize I've got only one more to do, and then I'm done with the Theme. At least officially. I love reef stuff and underwater scenes, but I am also getting drawn to fooling around with the Surf n Shore Triad some more. I used it on this watercolor card.

I got the Blue Tang a bit too dark, but I'm sure there are some dark fish like that out there. Overall I like the feel of it. While I was doing it, I tested the washes on a bookmark slip and with just swishy brush strokes realized I was doing a shoreline. So I added the Goethite shore and then decided it was elegant, but needed something in it so it wouldn't be so empty. I added the tiny shorebird with Sodalite and then gave it a Carbazole Violet mixed with Sodalite Genuine shadow, which made the whole thing pop. Funny how one little stroke maybe an eighth of an inch long can make a whole scene work.

The same swapper who's getting the Dark Blue Tang in "Reef Gold" is getting the Shore Bird too. I hope they like these. I'm having a lot of fun doing them and I'm getting some very cool ACEOs from the people above me in the swap signup -- they flip a coin whether direction is up or down and you send one to the person above you, for each time you sign up, or the person below. So you don't actually get return art from the person you send to. It's very random and fun, and the theme means that I get a lot of them on subjects I like more than not because I sign up more often for the ones I like best. Like this one. Me and reefs.

I have no idea what I'll do for the last one but it'll probably be watercolor because I have them out and I'm puttering with them.
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