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Seventh swap card

Two Dragons is a little odd, it started as swirls of Burnt Umber and Quinacridone Gold but immediately reminded me of two dragons rearing up. So on the next pass after the abstract wet in wet layer dried, I added details and developed their forms. Then today added more details in Iridescent Gold, which finished it up. This was going to be an abstract with gold tracery over shades of burnt umber and quinacridone gold, but it decided en route to be two spirited dragons instead. So it came out cool.

Turned out there had been a mistake in the swap partnering. I had not signed up for eight. I stopped at seven but made a "not a signup" comment post answering someone's question that got taken for one. So this ends the swap series. I'll get them all addressed and ready to send out, put bookmark doodles in with them and then I'm done with my swapping obligations for the month. Yay cool. I've gotten some cool swaps in already.

Sue-Jim sent me these:

Two tiger swallowtail on lilacs photo ACEOs, that she didn't want to break up the pair. So I present them here as I have them in my album, agreeing with her that they make a fantastic pair. Also I got this neat scratchboard musk ox from art-by-darlah

The swaps are great, and fill up my album faster than I could by buying ACEOs. I enjoy this every month.
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