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Sea Storm

ACEO Sea Storm is the eighth of the wet in wet watercolors I started when I did all six swap cards. I did the stormy sky in Sodalite Genuine, which is rich and dark and granulates for a cool texture in the sky. I was going to put a landscape maybe with an old barn, maybe just some trees, but today realized the shapes I left were perfect for pounding waves at sea... and I went ahead and did that. I love how that came out. The original is all shimmering because I used white gouache for the lightning but went over it with Interference Green, so it's greenish and flickers bright if you tilt the card. So does the surf where I used Interference Green for the shadowing, it dances between purplish like the waves and green-bright like it's reflecting the lightning. I had fun with this one.

I'm also working on the pink lilac spray for Peachfuzz, got the sketch done yesterday and that is in some ways the toughest part of any Masterful Color type of colored pencil painting. I might do some more watercolors though because these are so strong and vivid, it's been great doing different things with them. I got out my Birds photo reference book and may try painting birds soon.

I'm blocked on my novel, and had a nightmare yesterday that showed me some of where the block comes from. So I am working through that and may get somewhere soon. I hope I do. I keep squeezing out little details about the protagonist and the novel, but don't quite have enough to begin the opening scene -- though I do know what it is, something important is missing that I need to know to start it. Weird to have so much trouble starting.
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