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Serious Fluff with Extra Fur... ACEO YBAC

ACEO YBAC Domestic Animals "Anyanka" is from "Anyanka Leaving" by famous Norwegian catographer and Norwegian Forest Cat cattery owner who bred Anyanka, Wazabees -- does that make him a Catter? Long ago shortly after I first joined DeviantART, I met Wazabees on noticing one of Anyanka's littermates as a five week old white fluffball in an Easter shoot. Anyanka is now a grown great big cat in her own right, that was four or five years ago. But I have pledged to do a long series of cat artworks from his glorious cat and kitten photography ever since he first gave me permission, and when the theme of "Domestic Animals" came up for July... what better than cats? And who better than Anyanka, who has markings! She was 12 weeks old in that final photo session, ready to set out in life and make her fortune in her new home with her own new people. I hope she's happy, healthy and prosperous.

If you read this, Wazabees, please let me know if I got her markings recognizable. I hope that when you see it you can see which kitten she is at a glance. I took liberties with her whiskers and gave her a few black ones when her strong white ones just did not show up against her fur, but other than that I tried to be completely accurate with her portrait. I dared do one that wasn't a newborn!
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