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Thursday Night Art!

ACEO Sea Queen is what I worked on all evening while Lisa was here. She worked from a reference in the "Mistress Mermaid" pack to create her art. I looked at it and decided to go ahead and try drawing the model dressed as a mermaid -- as a mermaid. I took a few liberties with her. Once I had her penciled, I added more fish and details, and corrected details in the inking, till I had this incredibly complex scene that was insane to color when it came to watercoloring it. I went lavish with the iridescents on her seashell throne, her tail, her crown and jewels and sceptre, even used Interference Green for most of the silvery shimmery fish. I love how she came out, she's far more magical than I expected and the dark blue background with the rosy coral throne seems to make her leap out like one of those Hindu religious paintings or something in a medieval manuscript. I'm very happy with her.

Lisa used the same reference to create this rendition of the High Priestess:

She used Derwent Inktense and some Daniel Smith watercolors, her thick black hair is washed with Interference Green for a hazy silvery sheen that came out wonderful. The painting is so bold and powerful that I love it.

Earlier in the day, I saw Ari's bowl was empty. I noticed because Ari himself was purring, head banging me, leaning hard, getting attention. Empty! Not a crumb in it! So of course I responded to the Feline Emergency by feeding him a full bowl immediately. He settled down to eat in a graceful crouching pose, and I started sketching him on an ACEO blank with a graphite pencil grabbed at random from my pencil cup. Turned out that was the Inktense Outliner, so I went ahead and colored him with Inktense. I added the mouse and then gave him an outdoor background since it was more dramatic to present him as a hunter than with his serious attention to Royal Gold Katz 'n Flocken.

ACEO The Hunter, Derwent Inktense on white Rising Stonehenge.

All in all, today was a wonderful Art Day. The other thing I did tonight while Lisa was here was sketch some hand studies from Giovanni Civardi's Complete Guide to Drawing. This is the book she found on sale for only $5 on a remaindered table, that turned out to be so useful I wound up ordering it from Amazon without that kind of discount.

It made a great warmup, and I think it actually improved the hands on the Sea Queen because I did it before I started her. I paid a little closer attention to anatomy on her grasping hand and that helped a lot.

All in all, today was a wonderful Art Thursday, and once again we inspired each other to ever greater heights. Lisa pronounced her High Priestess Weird! and for what she is, that weird and magical look is fantastic. Weird is good.
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Jul. 18th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
I think one of my favorite things about your artwork is the way you use colors, always so vibrant!
Jul. 18th, 2008 06:30 am (UTC)
Thank you! I feel as if I'm learning to use color all over again. This mermaid piece is something that stuck in my head for a long, long time. I didn't realize I'd do it with a mermaid. I thought I would do something like it with the Goddess Isis or another goddess with the moon... but it worked out right for the mermaid, and now I know that background concept will work well. And that detail like that really does rock.
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