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Writer's Block: Supermarket Grabfest

You have three minutes to grab everything you can from a supermarket. Which items do you go for?

The largest number of bystanders and employees to run and grab things for me. I don't move fast enough to get that far into the store in three minutes with a supermarket. Not even with the electric cart. But I'd be grabbing nonperishables, especially the tinned meats and tinned fruits, hash, the stuff like that. What I got would actually depend on WHY I was trying to grab everything in only three minutes. I don't ever do anything that quickly but if it was some sort of dare to get as much as you can and someone else will pay for it, naturally I'd head to the meat department since my family's got a good freezer. Or possibly produce since Kitten tells me apples cost more now per pound than meat.

It would not be much on something like "three minutes to closing time" and directly related to my route back to the entrance to check out. And again it would depend a lot on what I'd gone there to get in the first place!

When I was the one grocery shopping I plan several hours for the trip, go through the entire store, bring all of a month's Food Stamps when I had them, or a couple hundred dollars or so, and make one large trip last at least a month, perhaps two or three. Thus lots of nonperishables and then some perishables, especially things that keep well like potatoes, and bread to put in the freezer, lots of butter, boxed sweets like puddings and jello. I'll be just as wiped out from going to get just a few things because of the difficulty getting to the store (and the best ones have those electric carts so it really helps), between getting there and standing in line and walking around. So I would do it efficiently and as few times as possible. Most people shop at least once a week or more so they'd get a kick out of the "race" thing for three minutes.

Now, I'm not the one who does the shopping and if I was in the store it'd mean Kitten or whoever drove me was there with me and they'd get nine times the stuff I would on account of movement rate. I can only walk about a quarter the speed of anyone else and staying on my feet for three minutes is a major endurance trial in itself. Eh, if she was getting all the necessities I might hit the candy aisle for personal treats, or the packaged Twinkies and Little Debbies for cheap treats.

The main thing is that I don't quite grasp why someone would do this, unless it was some sort of cash-prize thing or someone else was buying whatever you grab -- in which case I'd be grabbing whatever was expensive and special that I wouldn't normally get. Meat would probably still be a good choice since it is right through produce and while moving toward it I could keep loading fruit and veggies into the cart, then grab giant briskets and steaks and that while the clock ticks.
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