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Stonehenge on Stonehenge

ACEO Stonehenge, ATA July Challenge is from one of the seven photo references provided at "Abstract Art, Traditional Art & Collectors" group for the July Challenge. I actually provided the references this month, asked to by Sharilynn1999, the group's founder. Winner of the challenge is by most bids. I started this as a sketch to guide me to do a watercolor or something else, but I used an Ebony pencil and shortly after I started was shading carefully and working on accuracy and getting really nice textures on the stone. So it became a graphite drawing in its own right, and I'm very happy with it after several days of sketching.

I used an Ebony pencil on white Rising Stonehenge paper, thus the title of this blog entry.

Today is also supposed to be Nibblefest, and this month's theme is Angels & Demons. I have an idea but no really good references for it, and I'm not sure I can do it justice especially in ACEO format (my choice). It'd have to auction for 99 cents. So I don't know if I'll even do Nibblefest this month, because I had a really bad day today so far and if I don't feel any better, would not be able to do the "Angels & Demons" theme justice with what I planned. I wanted to do Lugh of the Bright Spear vs. Balor One-Eye, but my example is Jim Fitzpatrick and I really wanted that mythic elegant style, combining good illustration and sweeping motion in the scene with intricate knotwork and detailed penwork.

I don't think it's going to happen, it's already nine and I'm still in wayyy too much pain. I should be happy I did Stonehenge and relax if I skip a month because I got a sick day on a scheduled day. Or do Nibblefest art in advance from now on -- but that theme wasn't as inspiring in general as things like In the Mist or Jungle Life was.
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