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Thursday Night Art

ACEO Glass Cat and Marble was the first piece I did tonight while Lisa was over and Eric sat in on our art jam. Eric did a cool landscape with ski runs going across it. Lisa posed for a photo shoot sitting on the floor with ritual objects drawing a magical circle, which she used to paint her version of Magic Circle. After I finished my graphite still life, I looked at her reference and got fascinated with her hand drawing the circle with a dagger, so I did this:

Lisa loved Magic Circle, so I gave it to her for a birthday present -- her birthday's Saturday. The lower resolution scans came out a bit weird for some unknown reason, the 600dpi one was truest and didn't create false highlights so I posted that one -- click and you'll see it much larger than life.

I used Col-Erase pencils for a light sketch in brown on her hand and black for the blade, then painted it with Daniel Smith watercolors. I used a little Interference Green on the blade which made a nice metallic effect on the shaded drawing. I love how the flames looked. She's going to give both mine and hers to a local pagan newsletter for cover art, so that's pretty neat! I'll have art on the cover of something cool and get a copy!

Both of mine are on 300lb Arches hot press watercolor paper. At long last my replacement paper arrived and it was the right stuff -- smooth and beautiful on the smooth side, a bit more like cold press on the backside. I did a doodle on it right before Lisa came over when I discovered that there was an Arches imprint on the corner ACEO blank with its two deckles. So I shaded over it like a rubbing and kept doodling using the faint lettering as part of the design like a surreal collage thing.

ACEO Ravens Doodle starts at 99cents like my usual doodles and five minute sketches. It's just a cool little thing. Lisa noticed it has a crescent moon in it too, something I didn't realize at first. Very dreamlike, full of little things. Two dark shark-shapes belowe the line, and two ravens flying above with very ragged wings.
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