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Another dachshund...

ACEO Darla the Dachshund, ALA Weekly Challenge is the second one I've done. She's a very old dog that belongs to ebayer art-by-darlah, someone I've swapped with in the past and hang out with a lot. She posted some photos of her dog at various ages and I chose the newest photo to do, because two other artists did the best of the younger-Darla photos. It was fascinating looking at her grayed muzzle and I liked her contented look. She may be old but she's happy and loved. From puppy to old lady dog, that's a neat change.

ALA is Animal Loving Artists, a new art group I signed up for yesterday and got accepted into today. I didn't know it was there till a friend posted an ACeO for last week's Guinea Pig weekly challenge. I don't think I'll do all the ALA WEEK challenges, but this one appealed to me because the dog had character.

I'm working on the novel again, mostly thinking about it and setting up for the next scenes. Different disconnected bits are floating up again so it hasn't gone away at all. I think the next scene will be very violent and I'm not sure who it'll happen to or who'll get picked up by the evil, but it might be a cat that gets killed. Or it might not. I'll see what happens. I did art for a few days just to get caught up again on that.
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