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Shells and Bead

ACEO Shells and Bead got finished yesterday. I started it months ago, then lost the two cowries and African bead that I'd been drawing from life. I was considering finishing it from the version in my sketchbook, because I turned up the unfinished art and got annoyed that I hadn't done it before losing the still life objects. Then on Thursday night, I lost my kneaded eraser and checked under the chair cushion.

I found them, squished in between the arm of the chair and the base. My fingers touched something, I pulled it out and was so happy to see those again. I may do them more times now that I've retrieved them again! Plus, Tessa sent me another one that I might combine with them. This one is an ACEO and is for sale, unlike the last time I posted something for this. But I forgot to blog it last night and then did the dachshund before blogging again. Go fig. This one is a real triumph of determination and luck!

I used Fantasia Premium Artist Colour Pencils for it because in the interim I'd forgotten which watercolour pencils I used for the underpainting -- I had a strong one but went over it with dry work and burnished with white because the set didn't have a colourless blender and I didn't feel like mixing textures. The white lightened them closer to the original again anyway. I love how these turn out when I do them in detail.
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