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Blick rocks...

But you knew that if you're one of my regular readers. I got shipping confirmation yesterday on my Clearance Sale order, the one where I saved a lot more than I spent and got caught up on many small things and large things I've needed and put off for expense. Like two good frames for a watercolor painting and for The Kill, since I'm going to be waiting some time for the original frame to get fixed since Karl is busy.

I checked the tracking numbers and both packages are in Lenexa, KS tonight. They arrive tomorrow. That fast. I'll be able to use more of my watercolors, setting up those little covered palettes as permanent palettes. I'll have new colored pencils and Graphitints to play with, and a neat little outdoor set to ramble outside and sketch with. I'll have better, more jointed manikins in both genders to set up for doing illustrations -- a very good thing because I need to do the cover art for The Emerald Sword and getting my family to stand around waving swords and axes is not that easy when they're busy! Or even getting them to snap photos while I wave swords and knives.

A lot of good things in the order that I have planned for years and years, now actually tangible in my hands. Many of them stuff that will be useful this week and in the cover project. I haven't been doing much art because I've been planning the edits, and today may well be the day that I'm up to actually doing the edits. I've tried for several days and been defeated by health, but I've got my ink cartridges and can complete the printout at least. That's my goal for the day. I may also do art. But if I don't, then tomorrow is Thursday Night Art Jam and will have something good to post then.

Quite possibly a dragon because I have to start thinking in terms of Emerald Sword too!

I miss Eric, but his habit of staying up late watching television somewhat glitched my work schedule as we have one thin wall between us. I could not sleep with Boston Legal or Babylon-5 on at all, because when I go to sleep, part of what I do is make up stories. They usually aren't publishable, but occasionally if they are, they become novel seeds. A different story that doesn't have my character in it is an extreme distraction to that, even if the volume is soft -- so I was never able to go to bed any earlier than Eric as it'd keep me awake. Instead I'd wind down playing Diablo and then get caught up in the game and spend the night playing a computer game. So his summer vacation became my summer vacation.

Now that he's gone home though, I'm starting to feel more up to doing things... except that my schedule got turned around and I get up too late. Art is something I do most often if I get up around noonish and have all day to warm up to it or the early afternoon to do it in, before the kittenlets are watching television. Writing is something I do at night in a quiet house and is the number one activity that I can't listen to television stories and do. What works for writing is background music relating to the book. I guess I could have used headphones, but I didn't think of that while he was here.

I still hope he can come back up here and stay during the school year, which won't likely be this year but could happen if he succeeds in persuading his dad to let him. His Dad would have to send some money for his support, but he'd have a room upstairs rather than just sleeping on the living room futon as a guest. But if it came to that, I could always offer him the headphones and find some way to jack them into the television, just set a boundary and explain that it's because I'm working. This was only a short visit of about a month and we got along so well that despite that, I miss him a lot. I'd have found some way to adapt over the long term.

What I need to do now is physical. I need to get up, move the tray off the top of my printer, open my printer up, and install the black ink cartridge so that I can finish the printout. And go upstairs and get a fresh ream of paper so that I can finish the printout. Sometimes the left side of my brain, the editor-logical-organized side, gets very petty about things and wants everything just so in its proper order. Bodes well for good proofreading and editing though! I'm definitely in edit-head.
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