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ACEO Sun on the Water is done with some new techniques (to me anyway) of layering foliage over bright yellow to get stronger greens. Though they look like sap or olive green in the scan, they are brilliant vivid greens in person. I fooled around a lot with techniques in this Impressionist waterscape and really like how it came out. Sketches and another painting under the cut.

Mantis, 4" x 6" OSWOA, isn't listed on eBay yet but will be tomorrow. I think it came out cool. I used a photo reference from lilcrabbygal that she gave me ages ago on DeviantART and painted it, then sketched it twice finishing the sketchbook page with Ari sketches I did a while back.

I did it with the yellower green Graphitint (brighter in person), and then, annoyed it ran off to the right twice, did it again smaller in Ebony pencil in the space above it below the kitty sketches. Of course it still faded off and ran over an Ari sketch, I could not let this bug stick his leg in Ari's face!

Then I sketched a horned, anime-looking fae personage with a spear with some foreshortening, somewhat anime style anyway. A step in that direction...

Lisa did a couple of color pieces and a mantis centaur woman that she didn't like but might try again, and then did this Feral Faerie Fae, which I fell in love with and traded a sunset colored pencil drawing for:

And still testing the Marie's Chinese watercolors, I did a color chart:

The first thing I did with them is just strange, but beautiful, and I'm thinking of including it as part of the lagniappe in Lauren's package of goodies (not as one of the planned trade artworks, one of the extras, as it is not one subject but several sketches sharing a page). This page is titled Indigo Sketches. It has some bamboo, a strange curving plant, two heads of trumpetlike flowers, a small dragonfly and a diving bird -- they all came out at least interesting looking and some of them strikingly beautiful, if any had been alone on an ACEO I'd have listed them. I just did cool things in the space while I still had space on the page. Indigo monochrome Chinese watercolor. Let me know if you like it, Lauren.

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Aug. 8th, 2008 05:02 am (UTC)
I do like the watercolour! I also like Sun on the Water and especially the horned Fae creature.
Aug. 8th, 2008 04:51 pm (UTC)
Wow, thanks! Lisa did the Feral Faerie Fae, and I sketched my horned fae creature while she was doing it because she asked something about the horns. I sketched horns to show her, and then kept going doing my own version which turned out semi-anime.

I'm still fooling with the mantis. I did it in Pitt pens for the Black Rhinoceros buyer today for his bookmark. It fascinates me, and I keep trying to get all those legs perfectly at the angle they are in the photo. I came closest on the bookmark, in very quick strokes.

I love how Sun on the Water came out and am going to try that lemon yellow underpainting on foliage again, it's so brilliant rather than doing greens and then dashing yellow in around them for highlights. Even if I covered all the yellow, it would still make the greens more brilliant. And I can go into the deep darks with a blue and still get strong greens.

It was a happier surprise uploading it to eBay and seeing how it looked in the micro-thumbnail with the listing -- that's when I really know if something worked, if it's cool looking in that half inch thumbnail version.
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