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Two new eHow articles!

I actually did these yesterday, but here are the links.

How to Plan A Great Family Weekend was inspired by a related article that I read on the front page. I thought of some things about family weekends and planning that need to be considered before spending money on camping trips, ski trips, that sort of thing... and wound up writing more in general on planning any family outings than specific suggestions for what you can do on a weekend. Most of all, ask everyone in the family what they enjoy doing and observe what they actually enjoy doing, so that your suggestions are spot on!

How to Preserve Your Artwork was requested by a DeviantART friend in my comments. It's an oversight that I never wrote anything on this subject before other than giving Peachfuzz some background information for a research paper she needed to turn in. I picked up some important points from her paper, and included them in the article. Moisture can really ruin your art, and you need to beware of insects as well as UV or sunlight damage. Long and detailed article aimed a bit more at the artist than the collector, but useful to collectors too.

I plan on doing a few more of these soon, it's time I start beefing up my lineup again! I'll continue the How To Draw Cat Parts series, having done Noses and Eyes, maybe head shapes and ears should be next. Or any other art topic I can think of. Most will still be How to Draw or How to Paint, things like that.

I still need to do the front pages rewrite on The Emerald Sword, and have been thinking about it a lot. This is sometimes part of the process.
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