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Writer's Block: Remembering Summer

Care to reminisce about some favorite (or not so favorite) summer memories?

Last summer, for weeks on end, my friend Lisa and I went outside on Thursday afternoons to paint from life in oils. It was the start of our Thursday Night Art get-togethers. We got mosquito bitten, sitting in the grass in front of a clump of Black-Eyed Susans putting thinned brown underpainting sketches on canvas boards and a stretched canvas. We picked some of them and brought them inside for reference and kept working on the paintings. Week after week we'd work a little more on them, it was about five or six weeks total with three outdoor excursions, all marked by swarms of mosquitoes.

It was a load of fun and I wanted to do it again this summer, but haven't gotten out yet more than once. This time I've gotten more into sketching and understood it's a bit better for me to get the sketches on the spot, then do a lot of the coloring and finish work inside. I'll take pastels out rather than oils when I do color in plein air, because those might actually get finished the day I do them and not have to dry for a week before I can work on them again. I learned something every time.

Oh, and I might want to buy or mix up some insect repellent too, as well as tying my pants cuffs. Dang things were getting inside my pants legs.

It's swinging into the season now. I forgot that July was too hot for that sort of thing but August gets nice in this state. August is the month for the "too hot to breathe" days in most of the places I've lived, but in this area, July is what gets like that. It's lightening up and recently I did my Sycamore sketches. I want to do more with the other trees, and if I get a really good day, head out with pastels or pastel pencils to do more life painting outside.
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