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If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?
Hmm... top of my head, Superman, so that I wouldn't be stranded. It'd be amusing to hang about with him for awhile, get a lift and go where else I wanted. Other than that, if we're sticking to more realistic characters, someone goodnatured, intelligent, easy to get along with, physically fit, strong and compassionate with no prejudice against the disabled who wouldn't mind doing 9/10ths of the survival stuff and would enjoy my stories while I watched the fire. This is the thing I do in all camping situations, that's my job. I'm good at it. That and sit still crafts puttering. McGyver would actually be very good for that because he IS physically fit, tremendously resourceful, lives in reality and doesn't seem to have any prejudices -- but is also the best for thinking of weird runarounds to do things with tools we don't have. McGyver would probably wind up building me a freaking power chair out of raw materials or set up some rig on the pontoon boat we left on that would let me actually assist in paddling without wearing myself out or injuring myself. He's a problem solver, not a bully, not resentful of other people's special needs and real interesting to brainstorm with. I'd probably come out of it with half a dozen science fiction ideas by the time we got back.
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Aug. 28th, 2008 12:16 pm (UTC)

Toby's sitting on top of the packed box now; he finds it terribly amusing to leap down on Cedric from on top of it. I plan on unpacking it again and making sure the bottom is really securely taped before I close it back up and tape the top. It's surprisingly light -- the stuff sure didn't feel this light carrying it home from the shop!

I've wrapped some of the stuff in bubble wrap to keep it secure -- the paintbrush, for one thing -- but it seems to fit in together quite well, and the palette on the top is holding it in place to an extent, but I do want to stuff some newspaper or something in around it just so nothing gets rattled around on the way.

The main thing is that I will be putting it in the post on Saturday morning -- I'm making a trip to Chadstone to do some other stuff and the post office there opens on Saturday mornings. When I get home I'll scan the receipt (and the Art Shed receipt if I can find the damned thing) so you can see the totals, and then we just sit back and wait for it to arrive!

P.S. Toby is not part of the package, even if he seems to think he is.

Edited at 2008-08-28 12:17 pm (UTC)
Aug. 29th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
Re: Shinies!
Ooooh wow! Ooooh purr! I guess Toby isn't going in the package though, he wouldn't ship too well! LOL he is so cute though! Love your kitten. Scritch him for me. I am sooo excited! The packages look different than I imagined, several of them much nicer than I pictured. I'm not sure why, just based on what the cover art on the Oil Pastels set looked like.

I am so thrilled! Thank you for posting these pictures!

Sascha is going to love those bath crayons. They look good and bright and have all the primaries and secondaries, just the colour range that's right for her. The palette is big and generous, that's going to make it so much easier working on larger oil paintings than ACEOs!

I forgot how much variety there was in the palette knives or how many there are, that is exciting too! And new colour pencils and watercolour pencils! Someplace to keep all my loose pastels and get at them more often!

I'm already planning how to rearrange everything on my right-side table so that things stack on top of the pastels box and I can get at the drawers easily. It'll still have much the same arrangement but with pastels easy to use instead of across the room.

Thank you! I'm still working on your package, though everything that's finished is now out of storage and stacked up on the easel ready to send to you. I've been thinking a lot about the big pair, Cat in Garden and Wombat in Garden and which medium to use -- I think I will be leaving that to the last minute whether it's Inktense or colour pencil or pastels on Colourfix or what. I did take out two pieces of Colourfix for them though, along with the dark one for doing Cheetahs Fire Dancing.

I half want to finish up really soon, or wait for it to arrive to do the last two in Mont Marte pastels. I keep thinking of the deep rich pure colours in the oil pastels set and how that would work for the Gardens pair.
Aug. 29th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
Re: Shinies!
LOL -- yeah. Much that I would love to have Toby over for a visit, I don't think he quite understands cold unpressurized airplane cargo compartments or being shut in a box for days on end without food or water. Kittens have a great deal of imagination. I think he probably just wants to unpack the box and play with it and its contents, that you bought all of that for him! He's beautiful.

Email me some photos of Toby in different poses, one or more including his face if you can? I'm looking at him and thinking, duh, maybe put Toby in your garden! He's so beautiful. Wonderful little cat. And I bet that like Ari, he would recognize a picture of himself for what it is. Cats pay attention to facial markings for recognition of individuals.

Plus of course the box does make a wonderful pouncing platform once it's closed! Cats rule. Always take the high ground. Pouncing is fun. Ari is in one of his numerous plop-naps on the bed right now though, not bounding around like he was an hour ago.

Your packing is great, and I know it'll all arrive in great condition. It occurred to me after I posted the first comment that once I try these pencils and pastels, it'll also give you a better idea of what to expect from these same supplies compared to the things that are harder to get where you live. I have high hopes for the Earth Tones pencils because there's a vital missing colour in the Derwent Graphitints lineup that it looks like it may provide. Something that washes to a mixable yellow.

I'll try to identify which brands of colour pencils the Mont Marte ones come closest to resembling in texture and handling too, which may make it easier when you want to get into doing colour pencils art. I'll be using those by themselves on at least a few pieces before mixing with other brands.

Just wanted to tell you that and mention how utterly adorable Toby is in the photos. He's a wonderful little cat and I would like more Toby pictures if you could possibly send some.
Aug. 30th, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
Re: Shinies!
Hee hee, every time I come back to this comment to happily anticipate my new supplies, I see your adorable kitten enjoying them. Thank you for such great photos! Scritch little Toby for me and let him know he's got a friend way abroad. Maybe two, since Ari has always been fond of meeting kittens and playing with them. He only ever had real trouble with adult cats, underage felines just get lots of attention and playtime.

Usually the other cat had to be mean to Ari first anyway, even with adult cats. He's always been sociable within his species. He just likes me bestest out of mine, but he's gotten more sociable with other humans every time his health improves too. He got really affectionate with Kitten and Karl once the ear drops cleared up his nasty ear infection.
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