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The halfway point in Arkatyr exactly halfway through the second day. I am on form and right on schedule to finish the book at my goal length of 75,000 words.

Right now I'm finding out about draconian redistribution systems and how their customs integrate with the hill men. I have my doubts about whether the novel's all that great as a novel, but I don't care. Either I'll edit it into becoming a good novel or just use it as a big fat history that I can reference, pull short stories out of, split into several novels and expand on. There are a lot of things I could do with it. Talen has a brain.

One possibility is that it is a novel all right, but YA rather than adult fantasy. Some themes are very clear and some confrontations get resolved in ways that aren't battle. Talen has a brain. Also one heroine is about a nine year old girl becoming a dragonrider -- she could be the heroine of a YA novel if I pull her story out of the middle and develop her background deeper and expand just her to a novel. Happily, she's not cliche and neither are the dragons. They have a lot of character and a definite way of life that -- works for dragons, really well. They're sympathetic without being all that anthropomorphic. They have a strong culture of their own with some important differences, and they're not owned by the humans that ride them. They adopt them and the dragonriders immerse into dragon culture.

I am having fun and rolling on despite occasional sudden fatigue. Mental effort takes energy too, even sitting in the chair is a marathon effort when I have to stay this focused on what I'm doing. At scene and chapter shifts I sometimes have to fish for a little while to see what's next, or I get tired and need to sleep. But I'm not going to worry about sleeping since both those involuntary sleeps led to renewed effort when I got up -- and I'm steady on pace, going to make my goal.
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Aug. 31st, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
I wish I could apply myself like you do. I am officially jealous of your progress. Congrats though!! :)
Aug. 31st, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Try it next year, that's all I've got to say to jealousy. It's fun. It's insane and it starts to get strange around day two, but it's a lot of fun. Sort of like people who run 10k marathons think of fun.
Aug. 31st, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC)
Actually, try during Nanowrimo where if you get a whole lot done in one day or two, it adds to the total, but if you don't, then you still got ahead on your Nanowrimo. Anyone who hasn't done three day novels, Nano is about the best way to try for "what will I get if I start writing and don't stop for anything but the bathroom for two or three days on end?"
Aug. 31st, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
*waving the flag*
Yay, you! What a brilliant idea for uses for the work, too. Had I really thought of all that, I might have dove into Predator (which rather desperately needs renamed) since it will have so many rivers and tributaries before reaching anything like the sea. I haven't emailed as I knew you were busy and thought I'd hold off and send something quite long Monday evening for you to tackle on Tuesday ;) I'm going for baby steps this weekend as a way to conquer some of that overwhelming stuff to do. And now I'm a bit stymied as my desktop computer is having some sort of issue, so I am on the laptop. I'm just not going to stress about that - or anything else this weekend. Sit back and drink wine and watch you stress ;) j/k Maybe I'll break out my new oil pencils and play with them, and some ACEO stuff later tonight.
Sep. 1st, 2008 02:37 am (UTC)
Re: *waving the flag*
Oooh purr, looking forward to your long letter on Tuesday when I come back from spending Labor Day Weekend in Arkatyr. I've finished today's Goal For The Day, 50,000 and am well on getting even more ahead before tomorrow. It's been up and down between getting totally lost in it or having to force myself to do the next paragraph and scene.

LOL -- you do that! Drink wine, play with your new oil pencils and I will resist every one of my art supplies, new or old. About every three or four chapters I want a break and to post in forums or draw something, do the things I do every day. Not this weekend. Tuesday I can fool around with watercolors and colored pencils or watercolor pencils. Even if I have new ones (which I do) and older new ones that I haven't done even an ACEO with, just color-charted (which I do.)

Laptops rock for writing though. I do all of mine on my laptop and did even when I had a desktop. I used to put Diablo on the desktop and write on the laptop, then just freeze screen and use Diablo as a rumination game. Whack two critters, freeze when I thought of the next sentence. Write write write. Hour later, clear another room or so, think of the next scene, write write write. Maybe I'll do that on Nanowrimo when speed is not that much of an essence.

Baby steps works for anything I want to do. If I do even a little of it, it cuts down on the overwhelmingness. I didn't do all of my art commitments before this weekend but I knocked out a bunch of them and reduced the list.

Predator could be retitled with the family name of the family once you figure out what that is. Enjoy arting and drinking!
Sep. 1st, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
Re: *waving the flag*
By golly I shall begin work on that letter this morning. *grin*

BTW there is $$ in my Paypal account - where's my Cat-Ass-Trophy. MYST wants hers

I used to write all the time on my old Thinkpad - in fact, that was the whole reason I bought it. I would grab it and go down and sit on the Arkansas riverbank and write. I can't do anything like that with the new laptop because it is impossible to see the screen :( and it doesn't have MSOffice so I don't even have a word processing program on the darn thing. So I pretty much have to sit at my desk to write - or carry around a notebook. Which I do, and have used extensively with the research and timeline for Dominique, but the arthritis in my hands lets me write by hand only for so long.

I work like that all the time though. Work a bit, clean house or mess about outside, work a bit, read, work a bit...drives the hubby crazy because he will start a task and once he has his teeth into it the house could burn down around him and all he might do is carry the laptop outside to finish (before he called the fire dept.) LOL He would ROCK at 3 day novel.
Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:06 am (UTC)
Re: *waving the flag*
Awwww how could I turn down that face? I'll get her Cat-Ass-Trophy print listed tomorrow! Right now I'm sitting here reeling with my annual "I can't believe I wrote the whole thing" brainfuzz moment, but I will do prints tomorrow. Promise. It will go up with a Buy It Now price too so you can grab it fast.

Weird about your new laptop your not being able to see the screen outside. I haven't tried taking mine outdoors though, maybe it isn't that visible either. OpenOffice is a free download word processor like Word and just as powerful and can do Doc files but it's a memory hog if you don't have enough RAM to run it easily. I had it about three computers ago and never used it because I like Roughdraft better. Roughdraft is a simple lightweight donationware word processor designed for writers with lots of little writer perks like word count and so on and ease of doing manuscript format or scripts format in it. But not so many bells and whistles that it didn't run on much lower RAM than I have. I've downloaded it every computer since 2000 and it always ran light wherever I was. Does RTF and TXT files and has the handy PAD text file attachment for little notes on the side of the typing window. I always throw the Cast List and place names and that stuff in consecutive order in the Pad files so that I can check name spelling continuously and rememer who was that bloke with the wooden leg four chapters ago. And what was teh name of his cat?

I have been noticing these weird little mini-mini laptops coming up at Tiger Direct for $399 or so -- they're more like Palm Pilots or something with MB of storage instead of gigs, seven inch screens, actual keyboards, and weigh very little but are type-in rather than stylus driven. If I get rich I may try one as the "carry it around" thing, that or just get an Alphasmart which has a lappie size keyboard, calculator type screen, no xtras and word processing software but uploads to your real computer.

Alphasmarts are designed to be a writing machine specificalyl and good for well, writing without getting distracted by something cool on Yahoo news or doing your mail or whatnot. A lot of Wrimos swear by them. They're also cheap. More like $200 or $150 or so than laptop pricing but very bare bones. I would want to look at one in a store and take it into the sun to see how easy it is to see the text before getting it though if the object is just "a thing to type in outdoors." THe older ones run on Normal Batteries rather than fancy laptop type batteries so that is longer battery life with pocket of normal ones than with the laptops.

There are alot of solutions to outdoor writing. But I may actually just try taking my laptop outside sometime. I didn't this weekend though. Gods I was just -- totally focused and didn't get out of my chair. Hehehe like your hubby, a lot like him. Get him into trying a 3 Day Novel next year! It's $50 to do it officially if he wants, or he could do it unofficially to see if he can.

I was going to pay the entry fee but ran out of money and did something else. So there it goes, next year is when I go writing something for Canadian Small Literary Press and try to win.

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