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Steel Guardian Update/Website Update

I bought my site creation package yesterday from Sitesell.com. Most of what I've been doing since I got the confirming email, moments after I hit send on the payment, has been studying it. I'm not quite as overwhelmed as I was at the beginning, but this is still radically different from anything else I've ever done and I'm feeling a bit pinched for time. Mostly because I still need to do Cheetahs Fire Dancing and Cat in Garden/Wombat in Garden and some more goodies for Lauren, finish Pink Lilac for Peachfuzz, and do my cover for The Steel Guardian. I'll share the art projects here as they get done or gain progress.

I also need to finish the very last edits on The Steel Guardian once kkitten42 finishes her critique, go through and decide on each of her suggestions and make final changes and check one more time for name changes and typos and bad punctuation. The last proofing always helps. If I find even one of those stupid things after she goes through it, that last edit will be worth it.

Next month, I send The Steel Guardian to Booklocker.com which is a cut above all the rest of the Print On Demand companies because Angela Hoy does accept-reject. Yep. So there's rejection-slip jitters. Never mind that I know the book's good. Never mind that I sold pro stories. Never mind all the people on forums on anything who go "Dude, you should be a writer." That panic is there. If it gets turned down, I need to do something else and rethink what to send them. Hopefully if it bounces she'd at least say why so that I'd know what not to send her next time. But odds are it won't.

I read her guidelines. The things she bounces for are pretty basic and obvious. It's an old panic that goes down over time but may take more successes to put a final stake in its heart, stuff its mouth with garlic and chop off its head. It only happens before a submission anyway -- after I press "Send" on it or stick postage on, the fear evaporates because it's pointless, the decision's been made and it's out of my hands. Reality sets in at that point. "So what, send it somewhere else." Which is a better attitude that doesn't really help at the point of feeling rejection-jitters or submission-jitters. If this doesn't work out, Lulu's the next provider of choice.

Having to wait before I can do it is part of the jitters. Just like it was with Raven Dance. But I have a lot to keep me busy between now and then.

Sending out the newsletter is step eight on a ten-step Action Guide process. So it isn't going to be soon. The early stages that produce no visible results to anyone but me are the important ones that'll make this investment in SBI and SiteSell pay off, and those may take me some days wading through learning new software and doing left brained listing type things because that's not the fast easy part. The up side is that y'all may be getting a much better, more organized newsletter because of it! I was impressed with the Action Guide, and all of it made sense to me -- deep sense. I can understand how it works and it's got one vast relief. No part of this business plan involves some kind of hack or cheat or anything.

It boils down to accurate labeling so that the spiders pick up my good content better and random searchers who don't know me can find it easier. It's not worth jack without decent writing and real content, but my good stuff has gone obscure sometimes on the random associations and keywords that I didn't think of that would've better labeled it for those interested. So it should work out in the long run. Wish me luck on using the keyword software. I think that itself is the hardest part of what I have to do now. If I get it right, it will pay off in a big way.
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