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Thursday Night Art -- ATCs and ACEOs

ATC Cheetah "Wild Kingdom" for the themed TV/Movie September swap. Then another one for the same swappee -- the names go up in the order they sign up and the same person came up getting both of mine by coincidence.

ATC "Thing" for "The Addams Family," is my second TV/Movie swap card. With that, three out of nine swap commitments are done. Whew! The open swap, I usually send out unsold cards and that works out well for everyone. I have good ones to send this month and while they've seen them before, they also commented and liked them.

ACEO Spray on Rocks was painted from DeviantART member greybear's wonderful photo "Spray." Check out his amazing photography. He lives in California and gave me so many good ocean scenes. I used only French Ultramarine and Quinacridone Burnt Orange to paint this, it was my two-color challenge. I'm thinking of trying it again with Burnt Sienna, because the Quinacridone Burnt Orange didn't create any green hues along the way, just browns and muted blues and gray. Glad I didn't pick something with forests involved!

I did two more ACEOs that I'll post when I list them. Lisa did something spectacular and let me blog it though, so here is what Lisa spent most of the night on:

She borrowed my Prismacolor Markers to color this interesting view of Diana, and I really like it. Had to scan it and post it just to share what happens between us when we start inspiring each other!
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