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Cat and Wombat Progress

Wombat in Garden and Cat in Garden together at their current stage of construction. Messy, sloppy, blocky and scribbly, I'm just laying down color areas and impressions now before I start blurring those to color areas and working them up. I'm experimentig a bit on the soil because I want the warm fur of the animals to be a bit darker and stronger than the dirt, but I still want the dirt to come across as dirt! The wombat's color is a bit more golden than the cat's base coat in the photo, but I'll keep working on them and blur this to an underlayer before I start adding more.

I'm enjoying this. I got in progress on both these projects tonight. I may want to carry them a little farther before I start fooling with Rocks and Rapids again, because I'm starting to get a thrill about the way they're turning out. Especially when I fixed up the cheetah's feet and tail and head, it's really starting to come together.

For some reason I've wound up working on these late at night instead of in the day like I usually do with art. I do little things during the day. Well, maybe that's when I'll work on the rocks and rapids again.

I've also got that funny little primaries project to do next, and that one might be an ACEO or OSWOA.
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Oct. 8th, 2008 10:21 am (UTC)
Oct. 8th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
Purr! It's going to be colourful and jolly, I can see that already. I'm going to put in just a dash of orange for the tops of the carrots on the next round and start detailing and refining. If you look at the stages of my Lemons still life (most recent post) you'll see some of how these paintings will be built up. I've gone color-crazy and it's going to be so much fun!

I'm so glad you're enjoying seeing the stages. I think your package will be well over budget. There's a half inch of white paper around each of them to go under a mat or behind the frame depending on how you frame it. I would suggest matting with an exact 9 x 12" mat opening (you may have to have mats cut), and discuss mat colors and framing options with your local framer.

If you frame them without matting, the results would be dramatic, but a spacer of narrow strips of archival mat board should go between the art and the frame itself -- doing this and using a narrow 1/2" metal or black frame would probably be the most dramatic way to hang them together. That or a normal width mat in a light cool color like the blue-green or bluish gray colors they're painted on, or white.

How that would look in your house is the other half of matting and framing though.
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