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More colors in the background of the cats!

I'm not entirely done with the background, but getting close. The next and possibly last major thing to do with the background is darkening the violet shadows. Plus any suggestions I get that would help it may of course add still more layers and colors and so on. I've gotten wonderful critique so far on this piece.

I went nuts on it all evening tonight and had to post it at several good points. I skipped one stage, but you can find it on robertsloan2 my main LJ account. This is because I was just posting in cigarette breaks and rushing right back to work on the painting. But this is as far as I'm going tonight.

I have logged about nine hours on this painting so far, a low estimate because I have been rounding down most of the time. I think it'll take another two or three hours to finish, but I am now in sight of finishing it... and still want that feedback from my readers, so this is where it stands tonight. I almost started blocking in the yellow ochre on the bright cat, but decided to wait till I have a final version on the cool colors.

I don't want to muddy them at all or tone any down unless that's a permanent decision. It's always easier to mute colors than to keep them shining vibrant and pure -- and this is a dream, it is not part of the gray and brown workaday world. It is part of sacred space and I feel as if it's become a shared dream. I've seen these two circling their fire for a year now in my mind, and they are finally coming out on the paper whole and beautiful.

Spots ond details will of course be the very last step.

Colors used:

Pan Pastels:
Pthalo Green
Permanent Green
Chromium Oxide Green
Bright Yellow-Green.

264 (a very light blue)
388 (a purplish blue, bridge between ultramarine and violet)
621 (a purplish blue as dark as the violet Pan Pastel)

Colourfix Storm Blue -- I finally looked up which shade of really dark blue it is.

Ooops, this was going to BE my post on artsomofo but repeated the image and wound up by accident in my main LJ. Hehehe you can tell I'm tired! But I'm so happy with the night's work. This is the only piece of art I did today and it's not done and I don't mind.
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Oct. 10th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
Wowza! I see what you mean about telepathic color. I have been knitting it and you have been drawing it. The world of dreams and visions doesn't have to be all misty and grey. You can thank Wild Blue for it. She's a color-loving gypsy that I have been channeling most of my life. Now more than ever.

The changes to the cats are good. The tails are speaking more of joy and excitement. They were just a bit wary before. The rock circle is absolutely right, because it shows how the magical circle is defined by the light. And lighting the bottom of the overhanging branches is so right, because it sets the top boundary of the circle in a way that the rocks do on the other plane.

The moonlight/firelight is creating such dramatic contrasts. I really like it so far.

Oct. 11th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
Yes, there is a circle of light that's three dimensional there! I can see that. It's becoming very magical the more I work on it. I did get that strong impression of synchronicity when I started getting into the color, so maybe your spirit gypsy is carrying messages. I've been drifting more colorful too lately in other things too, but especially in this. Even her name, Wild Blue... and then I see the spirit world as the blue of a rich evening rather than the black of deep night. Dark enough for stars but still that brilliant blue time...

Would you please message me your address, as we're getting so close to finished? Once I block in the golds and yellow firelight, then I'll do details like spots and facial markings and any tweaking that needs to be done... and they are so close right now.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the stages yesterday when I put in all that time on it. Also, I checked the shipping cost and it looks like $10 for Priority Mail would probably be the safest way to ship it. There's media mail a lot cheaper but slow as molasses, and this will be a parcel anyway.

Edited at 2008-10-11 12:35 am (UTC)
Oct. 11th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
Robert: That is truly going to be magical. Keep us posted on how it goes. Also thanks for your letting us know all the different colors you use, their brands, the papers, etc. I love reading about what works for people and I try to do that on a littler scale on my live journal. I'm one of those people that if you expounded on a process for 50 pages, I'd find it interesting and read every word right through to the end! Did I read that you'd dreamed this or envisioned it over a period of time? I have some strange cat dreams last night that the more I think about them, the more I think the cats may have played symbolic roles to what is happening with the economy. OR, they were giving me some type of message on how to get through it. Don't know. But usually when I dream about them this clearly (rarely), I pay attention. They are magical beasties that have a lot to tell us.

Can't wait to see your next version of the jungle cats.

Oct. 12th, 2008 06:00 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoy reading about these. I'm doing this as a commission, and this was her dream that I'm interpreting in pastels. The more I work on it, the more I am drawn into dreamspace and symbolism, and there's a tight connection between us on it. I could see it in my mind when she first told the dream.

Hmm... interesting. I wound up just dreaming about pastel painting last night, dreams full of colors. I was undisabled in the dream and rambling everywhere painting, always had the colors I wanted to hand, was just doing these landscapes in exotic places. A lot of them were in the fictional worlds of my novels.

Maybe if cats have something to say about the economy it's that cats do not worry. They live and enjoy living and relax, hunt only when hungry, they just don't worry. Cats are wise that way.
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