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Color Wheel was created in an art jam with Sascha where she used the yellow and orange crayons to draw Bear Walking On Dinosaur. She is getting really good! She drew the dinosaur first and then put the bear behind him, overlapping perfectly -- paws showing standing on the dinosaur's hips, paws on the dino's shoulders and a wide head with eyes and round small bear ears showing behind the dinosaur's head. I was so impressed! So I did a color wheel to start teaching her color theory.

I figure if I keep doing color wheels they'll be familiar to her -- and I know when she paints that she groups analogous colors and juxtaposes complements without using the terms. So once again I drew her a color wheel.

I also listed ACEO Limited Edition Print #12 of 18, "Seven" today, because print #11 sold within 24 hours of posting it. $10 on Buy-It-Now, $6.99 auction, if you go for auction you might get outbid and no one can do the BIN price again. There are currently only five left for sale on eBay since I reserved #18 for someone. I think this print is actually going to sell out, so I'm going to keep listing it until all five are gone. I won't be holding any back for later on unless you message me asking to reserve one and giving me a clear idea when you can afford it. (Or what you have to trade for it, certain artist friends...)

I will be doing the count down on each of these as I list it.

That's all the art I've done today, so it is my Daily Art for artsomofo, shared here so Lauren can see how well those bath art crayons perform. They are very soft, creamy, bright crayons, closer to watersoluble oil pastels than regular crayons. Sascha loved them. She also went to bed with a few orange streaks on her face, so she's having fun. And it'll all wash off from her, from her clothes and bedding, they're washable.

What I actually did today was to get fed up with the clutter in my studio area. Karl steamed my carpet a couple of days ago so the carpet looks and feels like we just moved in. But my little art n writing area had turned into a huge mess, a lot of little thinsg in the way and hard to get at and use while all the really useful things I've been using a lot were the worst to find in the pile -- and things I was using every day were across the room.

So I reorganized for Pastels and Oils. I put most of the big colored pencils sets across the room so that I systematically use just one big set in a tin at a time, and stacked the wood boxes that hold my tube watercolors on top of them. I cleared off the easel shelf completely. Then moved the pastels boxes onto it and stacked just the small sketchbooks I use every day, the three Pastelbords that I haven't used yet and my big sketchbook plus the Yupo and the Canvas Pad on top -- a very short stack on each side.

My soft muted Yarka wood box set is on the left. My big Loew-Cornell set is on the bottom right with Rembrandts box on top of it, and my Nupastels and color Conte crayons are on top of the sketchbook where they're easiest to grab. I could shuffle with no problem because I moved the big watercolor brush washer across the room. I use a little jar of water when I do ACEOs, that is more useful for large paintings. It is also a bit inconvenient for the table and means I can't put out things like my alkyd oils tub on top of the printer table... but now it's cleared except my coffee cup and ashtray.

I cleared off the easel too, putting away every OSWOA and ACEO that I bought into my albums, putting away unsold cards and setting Lauren's art aside in one place. The only things on it now are my three Pastels WIPs.

I am very, very tired, but very glad my art area is clean and I can get at things. I've moved some more oil pastels into the top drawer of my mont marte pastels box, where I can now get at the fluorescent ones and use them for the day-glo ideas I had. I hurt all over, but my area is so clean and I know that when I feel better I will be so inspired to paint.
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