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Black Cat at Night in stages!

Once again I've done another Bi-Weekly Challenge (Primaries and two colors of your choice) pastels ACEO, here are the Mont Marte soft pastels colors used. That white stick stands for a General's white charcoal pencil though. I changed my mind about using the stick after doing the scan and went with the pencil for detail.

Here is the sketch on black Colourfix paper, using the white pencil. I love sketching with white under light areas like the eye, it saves me from mud.

Here the eye is just about finished, and I've blocked in bold blue highlights and put some red into the insides of the ears. I muted the red just by rubbing it into the black sanded paper to darken it, didn't have to go over it with the black stick. I love Colourfix.

ACEO Black Cat at Night is posted on eBay now. I refined my shadows, worked in brighter highlights with the white stick, corrected the eye shape and reduced the eye size with black, and added whiskers. The fixative darkened everything so I refreshed the blues and went very lightly again with the white pencil to restore white lines, but left some whiskers darker than others, and signed it with the white pencil. I really like how the hint of red in the ear works. This cat's got a flashlight shining in his face.

I did this cat for the "Halloween Riot" over at WetCanvas, but it also fulfilled the Bi-Weekly Challenge. I'm getting expert critique there and lots of inspiration from what others are doing with these same references. I need to do the one with trees on a moonlit night next too, but might use more colors and stop trying to do everything with primaries and two.

I'm wiped out physically from Friday's cleanup overexertion and hope to feel better enough tomorrow to work on my commissions again. I really want to finish those soon! But I think I did great getting two pastel ACEOs done on my sick days, I did do the pumpkin one on the eleventh. Listed it today at ACEO Pumpkin and Cat Shadow Listing.

I also had a heady, ego-boosting experience. An artist I greatly admire cheerily invited me to join MAPS, the Mid-American Pastel Society, which has Donna Aldridge and numerous OMG good pastelists in it. Obviously just as a regular member, but it would let me do MAPS shows and competitions. Serendipitously, they're doing a Small Works event in November. What I don't know yet is if I could mail an entry to one of the organizers instead of going on the day of its start between 8:30am and 11am in another city, which would both take persuading Kitten to drive me out of town at Ouch in the Morning, and wipe me out worse than the cleanup event did. I also don't know if I have to frame them or can just hang them matted. Might have to check that out in more detail. I'm joining whether or not I do the show.
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