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Progress on Rocks and Rapids

Color blocked in on the foliage in Rocks and Rapids. I'll be detailing the rocks and water more than the foliage, I think, but a few pastel pencil details wouldn't go amiss. This is as close as I could get tweaking the colors in Gimp. The turquoise strokes are really a bright mid green, not too blue or too yellow, and a few of the darker ones are Pthalo Green, a bluer green (but still obviously green). I have no actual turquoise in this at all. Though seeing the scan, I'm tempted to add just a couple of turquoise strokes near the shadows.

Pan Pastels were used with the pointed Sofft knife. I wore out the cover on it between cleaning it and painting. The covers don't last long.
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Oct. 16th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
It looks like it's going to be interesting. Aw, come on, add a little turquoise to the shadows. Gee, I hate to say that to anyone in case they do what I say and then it wrecks their painting!

I hope you're feeling better. A score of 8 is pretty high on the pain scale. Do you have fibro by any chance? I find it's much better if I wait and finish my bigger paintings until I feel better, otherwise I can't concentrate on them.

Got a question for you.... I belong to the EBSQ art group, and to the Ebay ACEO group, but I'd like to branch out to other art groups online and I'm asking all the artists I know if they'd share what other art groups they like online that have a community. I've heard you mention WetCanvas before, so I'll check them out. Any others?

Thanks, Robert, hope you're better.

Oct. 16th, 2008 06:22 am (UTC)
LOL -- well, at least with this scan I can see how it would look if I did, and I don't think it'll hurt it if I put it way over toward the right. Just a couple of strokes and a touch more violet in the deep deep shadows.

Yes, I have fibromyalgia, which is why I use the numeric pain scale and I list it by how it impairs me because I've had it all my life. I am no judge of pain and was used to blocking it out most of my life. I thought everyone else had that much pain. Don't people gripe about pain constantly and back trouble?

8 is when I get seriously impaired and make mistakes. 9 is involuntary crying no matter what (and no matter how I feel emotionally). 10 is the point of suicidal ideation. There is a level beyond ten, but thankfully I only experienced that once -- it was being harassed by a nurse while already in pain level 10.

WetCanvas rocks. It is very high powered and I'm getting a lot of excellent critique from professionals including authors of great books. Hmm... EmptyEasel.com is not actually a community but it's good reading and has a great newsletter.

I haven't joined EBSQ because of the fees, I'd have to be doing a lot more to be able to afford it. It looked interesting but I am spending a lot of time at WC anyway. Is EBSQ very social?

Thanks for your well wishes. I seem to have come down with a sore throat and am wobbling between vaguely better and rotten sick. It's getting seriously annoying.
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