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Two Down, One (or two) to go!

I spent this entire evening working on Pink Lilac for Peachfuzz. It's in Prismacolors with a complementary underpainting. I posted stages in my Scraps at DeviantART and posted several of my recent works while I was over there, including Cheetahs Fire Dancing.

This is the other commission that's waited for months and months. Next up is Cat/Wombat, where I am making steady progress and discovered that scumbling looks as good when I do it as when all those great expert pastelists I've been studying do it. I really wasn't sure about scumbling and whether I'd get crummy effects, but it's working well on Cat/Wombat.

So, tonight was a brief excursion back into Colored Pencil Realism, tomorrow I'll be back to Pastels Impressionism and when I finish Cat/Wombat, get on with Rocks and Rapids and some other pastels that aren't ACEO size.

I've got ideas but I promised myself I wouldn't use my 9 x 12" Colourfix till I was done with these three projects. I'd really like to do an autumn foliage scene and a snow scene, and I might do a snowman on an ACEO tomorrow. I've got an idea for one...

It's getting easier to catch up the more I get done! Lo, when two half finished animal pastels are done, I will actually have a clear deck with nothing in particular planned except ACEO swaps which are whatever I feel like doing. Oh and one ACEO involving superheroes because six year old Matthew really likes them.
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