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Daily art -- an abstract ACEO!

ACEO Spiral I is today's entry for the second Bi-Weekly Challenge on WetCanvas, Abstractions.

ACEO size, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" on tan Canson Mi-Tientes with Cretacolor pastel pencils. Themed on the Fibonacci Sequence and how it is embedded in all things.

I've been busy and I've been creative lately. I'm starting to get caught up... and need to work some more on Cat/Wombat again plus three ATCs that need to be finished and sent.

If I am lucky on health and stick to my guns, I may be caught up before November. I would really like to be caught up by November, completely -- and finished with the SBI preliminaries so that all I need to do on the site is write articles. Tall order with only ten days to go, but with Cat/Wombat already in progress and the time I've put into site brainstorming already, I may succeed. Three ATCs is not much to do beyond that, not while I'm still drawing every day.

If I don't manage to finish by then... well, then I don't, and November will be tight for time between noveling and art. But I think I want to try for at least weekly art during November too, and weekly site work as well as my noveling efforts. There's my November goals.
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