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Daily art and yesterday's art

I drew this Mule Deer stag sketch today after spending most of the day giving myself a headache working on my website stuff. Yep. I got off the procrastination bucket and spent about six hours burning my brain out. Then did this cool sketch which I will do either as pastel or in tinted charcoal pencils. I am keeping up with artsomofo's October daily art challenge, but not always ready to post because I've been doing so much.

Thursday, wow, I did something awesome on Thursday night. Here it is.

ACEO Blue Orchard is in Sennelier Blue Notes on dove gray Hahnemuhle velour board. I used a cool reference from WetCanvas posted by Weezy.

I was too tired to post it on LJ last night but yay, here it is now. I also did two commissioned pastels for a collaboration with eBay seller amarillo-choctaw who's going to combine them with her work for something incredibly special! They're themed on two songs, You Are My Sunshine and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. She left me full freedom to interpret the songs in any medium I wanted, so here are the two pastel ACEOs that I did for her:

Indian Paintbrush is for "You Are My Sunshine." She mentioned that she loves Indian Paintbrush so I did her favorite wildflower as the one caught in a ray of sunshine.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow was supposed to be a sunflower or a field of them in my original idea, but it mutated in creation till it was an image of Oz. I guess I just loved that story way too much as a kid, both book and movie.
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