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Happy day!

Well, of course, it's Election Day! That is the biggest thing. We'll be going out to vote in relays as Kitten drives Karl to the polls, then leaves him with the kids to take me to the polls in a small car. We did not want to drag the kittenlets to the polls. They are too tiny to appreciate history.

My small package arrived with my Erengi Art Aspirer oil pastels. I color charted them and am so happy I got this set of 50 on sale. They were $34.99 for 50, which is edging closer to the cost of student grade, but they are a lot like Neopastels. So close in fact that I'll be using them interchangeably. A big enough range now to do some serious things without having to layer five colors to mix just the hue I want, though knowing me and colored pencils I may be doing even more of that.

Kitten just scanned Cheetahs Fire Dancing for me! Yes, one task out of the broken-down several tasks of packing and mailing it is done. I still need to color tweak the scans, but I should be able to get a good art print out of them. I'm doing a Save As before I do so much as fix the colors, but the final image for doing prints will have the bracelet carefully removed. I should be able to do that and keep the look of the piece.

Because she did the scanning, I was able to get the box of foam board open and take out one of the boards. I also opened the box of glassine and took out one of the sheets of glassine. At that point my back spasmed. So I am now sitting still rotating the scans to horizontal and doing the Save As and color adjustments.

It took a lot of time just doing the Save As on the 600dpi image.

Here it is in good color and detail plus the entire image is shown, so the composition is right! Enjoy! Prints will be available later on after I take the time to remove the bracelet, which I'll do if anyone wants to order a print. I've got a lot to do today and if I can manage to get the foam board and glassine cut and assembled together I will be doing really, really good.

There are two or three more steps involved in actual packing, but my goal for the day about it is to get the foam board pieces cut and the glassine cut so that I can start assembling it into the package. Running around finding the box and grabbing the padding out of my bag of Blick padding and stuff may have to wait for another day. I'll print out the postage when I've got the hard part of the packaging done, then phone the post office to pick up the package and all will be well.

If I do it sensibly in small stages then I will get it all done right and not wind up throwing my back on it.

The foam board has to be cut smaller than 11" x 14" to fit in the photo bag, but I think that'll still be all right for other uses. Especially for art. Having taken it out, I've now handled the surface and wow, it's got tooth! It isn't that glossy posterboard that nothing but markers sticks to, I could actually draw on this with pastels or Conte just as it is. Very good stuff. Wonderful for doing collages too, I bet.

Ooh... that is tempting. I've got an archival glue stick now plus lots of interesting collaging materials. I might try for a collage and put just one into the December show, along with the other cool things I'm doing. Oil pastels combined with collage may be very powerful too, since they are so vivid and reasonably opaque.

If the cutting isn't too hard on my back, I'll section more of the board and have pieces ready for Cat/Wombat too when that's done. Or tape them to it right off so that I can use the foam board as drawing boards for those, that'd be pretty neat.

I have triumphed! And gods, I hope Obama does at the polls. That would make this day perfect.
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